New Security Measure Statement, Updates to Terms and Cyber Security Documentation

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By Aaron Wiseman
New Security Measure Statement, Updates to Terms and Cyber Security Documentation

As we continue to engage with schools on their data security, privacy and cyber security needs, we regularly review our process and documentation. This ensures that Schoolbox continuously improves our process and policies and can effectively support customer policy needs.

For this purpose we’ve created a Security Measures statement detailing our security framework, physical security, systems, data access and transmission and incident management. 

This document describes the organisation and technical measures implemented by Schoolbox in order to protect personal data and ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability for the Schoolbox software. We highly recommend you review this new statement. 

As we have introduced a Security Measures statement, we’ve incorporated this into our terms to increase transparency and to improve our legal commitment to upholding these measures and making the entire Service Agreement easier to read.

Below is a list of updates to our terms of business and key policies to better reflect our operations, obligations and commitments across a range of these areas.

Schoolbox Support Policy

  • Extended hours of support to cover 8:30am – 6pm AEST.

Subprocessor List

  • Updated our subprocessor list to reflect current third party data processors.

Privacy Policy

  • Included commitments to update and uphold our Subprocessor List.
  • Included commitments to implement appropriate organisational and technical measures as set out in our new Security Measures statement. 

Where is my Schoolbox instance located?

  • Added location of backups.
  • Added location of data stored under a hybrid storage arrangement.
  • Improved consistency of terminology.

General Terms

  • Updated clause 3(b) noting explicitly the order of precedence of documents and terms that make up an entire Service Agreement, adding links and definitions to all other publicly available terms making it easier to read the entire Service Agreement.
  • Under Security clause 38 we have:
    • Improved commitments to implement security measures set out in the new Security Measures statement.
    • Added clauses to state that we must comply with the Privacy Laws applicable to our handling of Your Data, promptly notify you upon becoming aware of any actual or suspected Data Breach with respect to Your Data (and in particular any Personal Information), keep our Subprocessor List up-to-date, put in place relevant Data Processing Addendums with subprocessors, and maintain appropriate security measures in relation to Your Data as set out in our Subprocessor List.
    • Added a definition for Data Breach referred to in clause 38 (h), and adjusted this clause to make strong broad commitment to this definition in relation to our obligations to notify customers.
  • Under Other Obligations clause 22 we have:
    • Modified to refer to a new definition of Privacy Laws.
    • Moved clauses relating to indemnification of us to clause 29. 
    • Added a new section better detailing our obligations to you including our compliance with all laws and privacy laws.
  • Added a new Mutual Termination Rights clause 23. This better describes our intent with regard to a Contract Term termination request. 
  • Adjusted clause 41 to better explain the choice schools have to select and use third party services to integrate with Schoolbox, and describe the differences between third parties we may resell to a school and the due diligence a school is required to do, before accepting to use these third party services.
  • Minor changes to Early Termination clause 24.
  • Removed “No representation” clause as this was already addressed under other clauses.
  • Centralised indemnity clauses and updated these to include us offering indemnity to customers for a breach of IP.
  • Adjusted Liability clause 30 to better reflect current Australian Consumer Law (ACL) rights and to remove any confusion on interpreting the liability cap.
  • Minor adjustment to clause 5 to improve readability and clarity.
  • Modified Term of Service Agreements and Services clause 14 to better describe the operations around service renewals. This included removing the notion of a “Minimum Term” in place of the new “Contract Term” and “Order Term” and adding definitions for these terms.
  • Adjusting clause 20, and modifying definitions for Early Termination and Early Termination Charge to align with the new definition of Contract Term.
  • Adjusted language in clause 18 for clarity
  • Adjusted clause 19 to cover additional likely scenarios.
  • Defined Force Majeure.
  • Defined Law and Privacy. Law to future proof our obligations across different regions in the world.

Schoolbox Subscription Terms

  • Removal of termination clauses which are now centralised within our General Terms.
  • Minor amendments to clause 11 ensure correct references to other referred clauses.
  • Added clause 14 to better illustrate either party’s rights to terminate a Demo Service.

Online Learning Course Subscription Terms

  • Renamed this agreement to align with the new name of the product and service.
  • Removal of termination clauses which are now centralised within our General Terms.