Junior Schools

Tracking student progression, from K-12

See how Schoolbox supports learning, engagement and assessment for Junior Schools, with a consistent and optimised experience to monitor and track progression from K-12.

Schoolbox Learning lets schools align learning technology to pedagogy and teaching technique in Junior Schools, engaging students and their parents right from the beginning of the student learning journey. 

“Schoolbox provides a really great way for our younger students to get connected.”

Amanda Thurling, Primary Coordinator, Amity College

Making learning easier in junior schools

Schoolbox offers a platform to support the learning entire student journey, with one platform providing a consistent and familiar experience to support + engage junior school students.

Schoolbox includes tools to support learner self-reflection + active participation in learning, with features such as ePortfolios and Learner Profiles to showcase and communicate student achievement.

Tools such as badges, support goal setting and record of achievement, delivering recognition outside of standard assessment methods.

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Engaging junior students

Schoolbox includes a number of features, designed to make it easier for young students to engage and connect with learning + classroom activities.  

Making it easier for younger students to get connected

QR Code Login feature provides a fun, visual way for students to access the Schoolbox platform and engaging and fun ways to connect and communicate with dashboards that are customised to meet the needs of young learners. 

Engaging parents in student learning

In Schoolbox, create personalised parent dashboards to share student learning and make it easier for parents to engage in their child’s learning and classroom activities.

push notifications

Keeping parents in the loop

Creating further connection and engagement with parents and the school community, share only News stories and school information that is relevant to parents, a class, year or group. 

And, as parents are busily going about their day-to-day activities, Schoolbox ensures parents are kept in the loop by providing options to send notifications to their mobile phone or email, whenever something pertinent happens.

Capturing evidence of learning for junior students

Learning moments and student activity feeds offer a fun and accessible way for younger learners to capture evidence of learning, as well as an unique and visual way for parents to tune into their child’s day to day activities. 

everyday moments

Capturing everyday moments to engage parents

With Schoolbox + Geosnapshot photo management, parents can connect instantly with their child’s special moments and your school community, all available from a parent’s Schoolbox Dashboard.

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