Online Learning Course Subscription Terms

Online Learning Course Subscription Terms

Last Updated: 31st July 2023

1. Term
These terms must be read in conjunction with our General Terms. Definitions used in this document have the same meaning as those in the General Terms, unless stated otherwise in writing.

2. About
This document sets out the terms that apply to our Online Learning Course (‘OLC’).

3. Subscription Services

(a) The OLC enables your staff to become proficient in the use of Schoolbox and the benefits it can provide to teaching and learning outcomes.

(b) We deliver OLC through our Website, accessible via

(c) A subscription to OLC gives teachers access to:

(i) on-demand and current course content located on our Website;
(ii) online tasks, quizzes and assessed submissions;
(iii) instructional videos and written step-by-step content; and
(iv) feedback on assessments that the Customer’s staff submit via the OLC.

(d) We will reasonably attempt to maintain and keep up-to-date the content listed under Clause 3(c)(i, ii, iii), to coincide with updates to the Schoolbox product, to ensure that you get the most from your subscription.

4. Subscription Term and Fees

(a) Your right to use a subscription service is subject to:

(i) your compliance with these terms;
(ii) payment of the subscription fee.

5. Prohibited Uses

You may not:

(a) copy, reproduce or reverse engineer the content we provide you with; and
(b) allow another person to use your password and username.

6. Service Levels

(a) We do not offer any service levels with our OLC service, however, we will use our best endeavours to ensure that OLC is available on business days during business hours.

(b) We do not warrant that OLC will be error free, or that it will operate without interruption.