Schoolbox Community

Schoolbox Community

Engage your whole school community with modern collaboration and communication tools in Schoolbox Community. 

Your school can create a central place to collaborate and communicate. Using personalised news and notifications you can send timely and targeted communication to staff, students, and parents.

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One place to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate

Student Engagement

Personalised: Dashboard with Calendar, Timetable and Newsfeed

Interactive: Forums, Polls, and Multi-media tools to capture evidence of learning

Collaborative: Collaborative spaces and integrations for project and group activity

Parent Engagement

Relevant: Personalised Parent dashboard and targeted newsfeed in one easy login

Notifications: Customisable  in-app and email digest notifications

One place: With Schoolbox integrations, bring all your parent tools into one place, making it easier to access information

Easy Administration

Simple Tools: Easy drag and drop content creation tools

Global Moderation: Set rules and moderate newsfeeds and content

Engagement Statistics: Measure your impact with engagement reporting

Engage your whole school community with powerful collaboration and communication tools.

Parent Dashboard - Schoolbox Community

Connect your entire school community

Use personalised parent dashboards to increase parent engagement by sharing what’s happening in and outside the classroom.

Using dashboards and newsfeeds you can easily group communication and connect your parents with wellbeing information, school news, student calendars + timetables. All the relevant information in one place!

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Create Collaborative Spaces

Empower students to create collaborative spaces to work together, share ideas, communicate effectively and engage in their learning with tools such as forums, social streams, blogs, ePortfolios, polls + surveys.

Schoolbox Community provides students and teachers with all the tools to  collaborating in one place, connecting parents to the day-day activities within your school. 

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