Senior Schools

Providing a consistent approach to K-12 learning + engagement

Schoolbox provides senior schools a holistic approach to teaching and learning, school communications and student wellbeing, supporting students and tracking progress throughout their learning journey.

Features tailored to the needs of students at senior schools, including data capture, reporting, self-reflection and continuous feedback, reflect modern approaches to education and the development of necessary digital skills to support lifelong learning.

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“Schoolbox effectively assists the merging of our learning and technology components and occupies a unique place that allows for everything from delivery of learning resources through to assessment.“

Paul Reid, Director of Learning Technologies, Donvale Christian College

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Supporting collaboration + connection in senior schools

Schoolbox offers a number of features which facilitate collaborative and social learning. 

Blogs, forums and social streams can be added to Class and Group Pages, providing useful tools to support student collaboration and the sharing of resources.

Strengthening communication + engagement in senior schools

Through tailored dashboards, students can access a collated view of their news, due work items, class timetable and calendar. 

Quick navigation allows students easy access to important areas of Schoolbox whilst also promoting engagement. Configurable alerts ensure students stay up to date with relevant communications, whilst developing students’ accountability for their learning.

An efficient and familiar learning environment for senior schools

Consistent use of a single platform, spanning the learning journey, promotes progressive development of digital skills, and the familiarity smoothes the transition from junior to senior for many students.

Supporting teachers in senior schools

Increasing effective classroom communication and student engagement, the Schoolbox Learning and Engagement platform offers teachers support for creating a sustainable approach to curriculum tracking and common assessment. 

Consistent + common approach to course development

The Schoolbox LMS architecture (Courses, Units, Assessments and Class Pages), promotes collaboration between teaching staff in planning, developing best practice workflows, sharing of resources and refining practices over time.

Keeping parents informed of their child’s learning progress

By providing all relevant information in the one convenient location, the Schoolbox parent dashboard gives parents total visibility over their child’s progress. Additionally, with their own identity and access permissions, parents can see real time updates on their child’s progress, including feedback on assessments, attendance, wellbeing information… as well as student achievements.

Senior school assessment + self-reflection

The Schoolbox suite of assessment and reporting tools ensure integrity of student data and academic rigour. 

To support the specific needs of the senior school, highly configurable summative reports can be generated utilising Kami inline grader and Turnitin Similarity Checker. Additionally, school generated rubrics and the assessment calendar with due works, facilitate self-assessment and ownership of learning. 

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