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Schoolbox Professional Services empower schools to engage, educate and grow, by supporting school Leadership Teams to achieve their strategic goals.

Schoolbox Professional Services

Professional Services

The Schoolbox Professional Services Team is here to guide you through the best practices of your Schoolbox Learning Management System and School Portal features. 

They will provide extensive consulting services to help your school get familiar with Schoolbox. Whether you’re new and need help during the initial stages, or you’re a seasoned Schoolbox veteran who wants to extract more value, there are learning opportunities for all.


Professional services provide your school with all the necessary support required during the initial implementation of the product. This not only includes rollout support, but tips on how you can engage your whole school community to ensure a quick uptake.


Get access to customised consultation services tailored for your school’s specific needs with Professional Services. Discuss innovation in the classroom, best education experiences and learning management tools. 


Professional Services assist in implementing a modern classroom to facilitate a deeper learning for your students with minimal disruption through SIS integration and system switchovers.

Success Stories

Find our what our Schools say

St Andrew’s Catholic College wanted to streamline the processes used within their Schoolbox instance across junior and senior curriculums and introduce staff to best practice in digital learning environments.

To do this, they approached our education consultants, the Schoolbox Professional Services Team (PST).

“Schoolbox has helped us bring together a cohesive plan for student wellbeing.”​

James Bowles, Head of Students, The Scots College

Implementing Pastoral Care

As well as delivering an efficient and integrated system for wellbeing data management, the Schoolbox pastoral care module has helped Scots College build trust and engagement with the wider school community.

Take a look at how Schoolbox supported Scots to:

  • Provide the best possible care for students.
  • Build confidence amongst parents, with reassurance their children are well looked after.

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