Professional Learning

Boost Knowledge of Learning Platforms

Participating in professional development training for educators is strongly linked to the enhancement of pedagogical practice. Ongoing professional development is actively encouraged, and indeed mandated, by many teachers’ associations.

Schoolbox Professional Learning Designed by Educators for Educators

Schoolbox Professional Services empower schools to engage, educate and grow, by supporting school Leadership Teams to achieve their strategic goals. Our Professional Learning Solutions are designed to support the different needs within your school, empowering schools to achieve success, engaging all teams in relevant and tailored professional learning.

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Community Support

Be part of our Schoolbox Community and get ongoing access to self-directed learning resources, quick access guides and peer discussion groups. 

  • On demand resources to support day to day activity.
  • National and regional user discussion groups to encourage peer exchange and shared.
  • Extensive library of user guides, release information and support materials for quick reference.

Online Learning Course

Technology changes constantly, and just like any other tech solution, Schoolbox release new features, and functions driven by your needs in the classroom and school community. With our role based Online Learning Course you can: 

  • Empower teams with ongoing professional learning through interactive, on demand curriculum updated annually.
  • Celebrate professional learning achievements in your community with Schoolbox accredited assessment.
  • Progressively build on skills needed in different roles within a school through role-based tailored units.
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Intensive Courses

Schoolbox led 4-week intensive course to quickly upskill new team members.

Ensure your new staff begin their Schoolbox journey with confidence.

  • Quickly upskill staff in the fundamentals of Schoolbox through live online sessions.
  • Explore, create and develop skills in a supportive small group environment.