Where is my Schoolbox instance located?

Where is my Schoolbox instance located?

Last Updated: 31 July 2023


This document has been prepared to help you understand where your Schoolbox instance is hosted.

You can do this by confirming which Services you are using and the country where your organisation is located. Your Subscription Agreement identifies the Services you’ve purchased.
These Services fall into one of the following categories:

  • Schoolbox On-Premise
  • Schoolbox Hosted

Any agreement that includes functionality from these Services relies on a common collection of data and metadata (code and configurations for customising Schoolbox) called a “Production Instance”. Each Production Instance primarily belongs to a single cluster, which is either hosted on:

  • Self-Hosted Infrastructure (owned/supplied by the customer and operated in conjunction by Schoolbox); or
  • Self-Hosted Infrastructure (owned/supplied by the customer and operated in conjunction by Schoolbox), with Hybrid Storage; or
  • Public Cloud Infrastructure (hosted on Schoolbox-managed AWS infrastructure)

Generally, a customer only has one Production Instance. In other words, your Production Instance can either be on your Self Hosted Infrastructure (with or without Hybrid Storage) or on Schoolbox’s Public Cloud Infrastructure—It will only be on one of these.

We do have other services including:

  • Online learning courses
  • Schoolbox Hosted Add-ons

In some cases, a customer may also subscribe to functionality that works with the Production Instance but is hosted on separate infrastructure, such as in the case where we compliment our On-Premise Production Instances, with our Hosted Add-ons, such as Hybrid Storage.

Separately, our Online Teacher Training Course Services are currently hosted on our public cloud within Australia.

Self-Hosted Instances

Self-Hosted Instances are owned and managed by each customer. In the case of self hosted services, the instance is created and located wherever the customer elects to deploy and host their infrastructure. In these scenarios, Schoolbox deploys, and configures the Services on the customer’s chosen infrastructure remotely.

Self-Hosted Instances with Hybrid Storage

The same as ‘Self-Hosted Instances’ as above, however your files will be stored in our public cloud infrastructure, located geographically as per the table below in ‘Public Cloud Instances’.

Public Cloud Instances

All of our Hosted Services are located based on the following table:

RegionData Centre Location
Australia, New Zealand, AsiaAWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region
Middle EastAWS Middle East (Bahrain) Region

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