Schoolbox’s Award-Winning Service

Picture of By Monica Gracie
By Monica Gracie
Schoolbox’s Award-Winning Service

For the third consecutive year, Schoolbox has won The Educator’s 5-Star Service Provider Award in the Learning Management Systems category.

The Educator 5-Star Service Provider Awards recognise service providers in the education industry who go the extra mile to support their customers, and continuously strive to enhance the learning experience through innovative solutions, exceptional dedication, and a commitment to fostering growth and success within the educational community.

As a world-leading education technology provider for K-12 schools, our mission is to empower educators by providing them with a powerful digital platform to improve the student learning experience. 

With the needs of educators at the heart of Schoolbox product development, we understand that the journey does not end once you have signed the contract. We have worked hard to put dedicated service teams in place to support you with your ongoing use of Schoolbox Learning and Schoolbox Community, so that regardless of what stage of your Schoolbox journey you are in, there is quality support available to you. 

We are thrilled that these teams have been recognised for their continued excellence by The Educator, so here is a breakdown of our award winning services: 

Schoolbox Technical Support

Our Support team is full of remarkable problem-solvers who are all well-versed in supporting our schools with their day-to-day enquiries. Available throughout the day to provide over the phone technical, troubleshooting and upgrade support, our support team will get you back on track in no time.  

Schoolbox Implementation 

Our Implementation team is here to provide you with all of the necessary support required during the initial implementation of Schoolbox Learning and Schoolbox Community. Your dedicated project manager will support you every step of the way; from the initial project plan, all the way through to supporting you to engage your key stakeholders. 

Schoolbox Professional Learning 

We understand the importance of equipping new school staff with the necessary skills to maximise their Schoolbox experience, which is why we have a dedicated Professional Services Team in place. 

Each member of our Professional Services Team has worked in a school before moving into their role here at Schoolbox, providing a deeper understanding of the needs of educators. Their role is to guide staff through best practice of the Schoolbox products, and as former teachers, have the ability and understanding to cater their support to your school’s specific needs. 

“The Schoolbox Professional Services Team are able to help guide schools through every aspect of their transformational change. Get them involved as early as you can and plan for their involvement in big steps of change.”

School Engagement Team

Our School Engagement team, who are also former teachers and school leaders, work with you to support your school’s strategic planning and understand your school priorities. Each school has a dedicated school engagement manager assigned to them from the beginning of their journey, and they develop strong relationships with executive leadership teams and key stakeholders to support their school’s ongoing Schoolbox journey.

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