Schoolbox Learning

Schoolbox Learning

More than just an LMS, Schoolbox Learning is a platform to enable schools to support the development of the whole student; their academic growth, extracurricular involvement and wellbeing.

A single platform for learning and community, connecting parents, teachers, students, to collaborate and communicate.

SchoolboxLearning Devices

Empower educators to support student learning with innovative and powerful learning tools

Student Engagement

Personalised: Dashboard with Calendar, Timetable, Due Work List and Newsfeed

Interactive: Forums, Polls, and Multi-media tools to capture evidence of learning

Collaborative: Collaborative spaces and integrations to allow for group and individual work

Curriculum Planning

Curriculum Mapping: Track and map curriculum requirements and lesson plans

Individualise: Differentiate learning tasks through a Course, Class and Unit structure

Goals and Achievements: Micro-credentialling tools allow educators to set goals and recognise achievements

Teaching Tools

Rubric Tools: Inbuilt rubric assessment tools to support goal setting

Feedback and Assessment: Easily annotate work, oral and written feedback options

Creative: E-portfolios, project spaces and group pages enabling educators to inspire and encourage collaboration

Assessment & Reporting

Markbooks: Course, Class & Rubric Markbooks to support reporting

Reporting: Centralised assessment data to support both summative and continuous reporting and feedback

Insights: Inbuilt insights and analytics to assist in planning and assessment

Whole Student Support

Pastoral: Manage Pastoral Records and Reporting in a central system

Groups: Group, House and Club pages to support student growth and participation 

Fixtures: Manage and communicate extra-curricular and sporting activities alongside academic planning

Parent Engagement

Personalised: Parent Dashboard and Newsfeed supports targeted communication

Notifications: Customisable notifications plus in-app and email digest

Connection: Share class activities and student assessments, plus connect parents to the classroom

An authentic approach to learning, engagement and collaboration between students, teachers and parents​

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Create consistency in the classroom

One of the benefits of Schoolbox Learning is the ability to consolidate different technology used in the classroom.

St Andrew’s Catholic College discovered students navigating between different systems in different classes reduced learning time by 12.5% and impacted teaching staff.  When they implemented Schoolbox Learning, one of their main goals was to create consistency in the classroom.

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Explore some of the LMS features in Schoolbox Learning

Ready to see inside Schoolbox Learning?  This video will share with you some of the features of our LMS, Virtual Classrooms, Course management, Curriculum mapping tools.

You will get a feel for the easy to use content creation tools, how rubrics and assessment work and how you can build courses, classes and lessons in Schoolbox Learning.

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