Day 2 Meetup Agenda: Partner Integration Stream

Picture of By Monica Gracie
By Monica Gracie
Day 2 Meetup Agenda:     Partner Integration Stream

For Business Managers, IT Professionals

So often our team is asked about integrations – who our partners are, and what the different solutions can achieve. With so much happening in the world of integrations, we thought it was important to bring our Premier Partners and SIS Integrations to Meetup 2022.

Our Partner stream will give you a chance to meet with SIS integration partners, as well as our Premier Partner Program members. This year, we wanted to create an opportunity for each provider to present and network with the wider Schoolbox community, share their current priorities where they are at and talk about how they are working with Schoolbox now and into the future. 

We are incredibly excited to announce the following partners will be joining the Schoolbox team at Meetup 2022:

Clipboard - a partner of Schoolbox
Intellischool - a partner of Schoolbox
Digistorm - a partner of Schoolbox
Compass - a partner of Schoolbox
iSams - a partner of Schoolbox
TASS - a partner of Schoolbox
Synergetic - a partner of Schoolbox
PCSchool - a partner of Schoolbox
Sentral Education - a partner of Schoolbox

Once you have purchased your ticket for Meetup 2022, you will receive an email to select the stream you wish to attend. Register your attendance to reserve your place in the Partner Integrations Stream on Day 2.