Packed Plenary Sessions, Panel Discussions, Q&A + much more!

Picture of By Leah Coghlan
By Leah Coghlan
Packed Plenary Sessions, Panel Discussions, Q&A + much more!

Join the Schoolbox Community for a massive panel discussion, with leading voices in education and ed-tech exploring the concept of a digital technological ecosystem.

Chris Barr, a lifelong education leader and one of the newest additions to the Schoolbox leadership team, will be facilitating a panel discussion, exploring the role of an ed-tech ecosystem in supporting end-user engagement, to simplify processes and create efficiencies, and to connect and communicate with students, parents and staff.

The Panel

Kevin Rodrigo
Photo of Kevin Rodrigo - Senior Account Manager at Google

Kevin is passionate about leveraging technology and helping ed-tech companies deliver value to teachers, students, and parents.

Currently at Google as a Senior Account Manager where he works directly with ed-tech partners, Kevin has also worked with other tech multinationals including Microsoft and Apple.

This breadth of experience over more than 20 years in the ed-tech industry gives Kevin a unique insight into improving educational outcomes with technology.

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Myles Carrick Intellischool
Photo of Myles Carrick -  Intellischool’s Head of Engineering

Myles has 20 years experience in education, operating as an executive team member, operations leader, academic head of department, and classroom teacher.

He has worked with large and small teams in corporations, SaaS, Higher Education, and K12, delivering meaningful improvement to schools.

Some of the companies Myles has worked for include Instructure, Domain, and now Intellischool.

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James Leckie
Photo of James Leckie - Director and Chief Product Owner at Schoolbox

Director and Chief Product Owner at Schoolbox with a deduction to customer success, James has over 15 years experience delivering school software solutions.

Outside of Schoolbox, James has an education background in computer science, specialising in programming, software engineering, and digital systems.

His passion for education technology, digital leadership, and experience within schools is deeply ingrained in the global success of Schoolbox.

Kate Maccoll
St Andrew’s College
Photo of Kate Maccoll - Apple Distinguished Educator

Having three decades of teaching experience, Kate has worked as an Education Queensland Regional eLearning Advisor, and is currently the Leader of Learning & Innovation at St Andrew’s Catholic College.

With a passion for digital pedagogy, Kate is also an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) and, in recognition of her leadership and contributions, was named the QSITE Educator of the Year in 2010. 

Lisa Thomson
Somerset College
Photo of Lisa Thomson - Dean of Information Technologies at Somerset College

An experienced educator and information technology specialist, Lisa is the inaugural Dean of Information Technologies at Somerset College. She has been with Somerset College since 2011, and was previously the Head of Information Technology at Toowoomba Grammar School. 

Combining a passion for educational technology with a MEd plus an M.B.A., Lisa is currently responsible for the strategic direction and implementation of system-wide technologies at Somerset College.

Alex Borlenghi
Ilim College
Photo of Alex Borlenghi -  Head of Innovation and Digital Transformation at Ilim College

As the Head of Innovation and Digital Transformation at Ilim College, Alex has an extensive background in education, previously holding roles including Head of Digital Learning, Director of Pedagogy, and Deputy Principal of Teaching and Learning.

Alex holds a Master of Education from Monash University with a specialisation in Digital Learning as well as a Bachelor of Arts from University College London.