Schoolbox and Turnitin to launch an integrated similarity checker within the Schoolbox platform

Picture of By Leah Coghlan
By Leah Coghlan
Schoolbox and Turnitin to launch an integrated similarity checker within the Schoolbox platform

Following a partnership announcement between Schoolbox and Turnitin in late 2020, development of new integrations for both SimCheck by Turnitin and Turnitin Similarity is underway and planned for release in early 2022.

The relationship, initiated by Schoolbox Co-Founder and Director Sean Richards, aimed to spearhead the development of a fully integrated similarity checker, all within the Schoolbox platform.

“After some incredible work with the Turnitin team, we have been able to leverage their leading global similarity detection software to develop an integrated solution, allowing us to provide SimCheck within the Schoolbox platform”, explains Sean.

“This integration has been one of the most requested in recent years”, said James Leckie, Chief Product Owner and Director at Schoolbox, “We are really excited to enter the last development phase, embedding Turnitin’s leading similarity checking technology into the workflow for our teachers, students and parents.“

To ensure continuity for educators, Schoolbox will replace Plagscan, their existing similarity checker, with SimCheck by Turnitin. As a native tool within Schoolbox, SimCheck will provide an easy way for educators to identify potential plagiarism. SimCheck includes an intuitive color-coded similarity report which compares student papers to a huge database of more than 91 billion live and archived internet sources, and easily pinpoints where similarities exist. It’s the simplest way to jump-start plagiarism prevention across your school.

In addition, Schoolbox will also develop an integration with Turnitin Similarity, giving schools the choice to introduce a comprehensive plagiarism detection alternative.  

Turnitin Similarity software allows educators to compare against the industry-leading database of publications content for comprehensive results, giving access to an additional 1.4 billion global student papers, and 82 million scholarly journal articles.

Schools that are using the native similarity checker within the Schoolbox platform can choose to upgrade their license to include Turnitin Similarity for an additional fee. All new customer subscriptions will be managed directly through Schoolbox as part of annual licence renewals – making the process easy for schools. 

“Our intention is to deliver this new partnership and integration ready for the start of the 2022 school year. Like all software development, sometimes we experience unknown challenges, however the team are working hard and are committed to delivering this as part of our first release in 2022,” explains James Leckie.

Packages, costs, and more information will be available in October 2021. To express your interest, contact your Account Manager or fill out the form to get in touch.