Schoolbox and Intellischool team up to create a powerful analytics solution for educators

Picture of By Leah Coghlan
By Leah Coghlan
Schoolbox and Intellischool team up to create a powerful analytics solution for educators

In a new collaboration, we are excited to announce Schoolbox is working with Intellischool to integrate their Albitros analytics software within the Schoolbox LMS platform. 

“We know many schools are focusing on integrating analytics and insights into everyday learning and teaching practices, but what has become increasingly apparent is just how big a challenge this can be”,  said Duane Cox, Head of Customer Success at Schoolbox.

“Introducing change is always difficult but we are having more and more conversations with schools around the most effective way to deliver real insights that are easy for teachers to access, understand, and leverage in the classroom.“

The Schoolbox + Albitros integration will give educators access to a range of dashboards within their Schoolbox instance.  Dashboards will draw on attendance, academic analysis and pastoral care data sources providing analytics at individual student, class and cohort levels. The aim is to allow leaders and classroom teachers to access relevant insights in a simple and easy manner.

“Schoolbox is designed as a tool to support educators to enhance student learning and growth. We knew there was a need to include more extensive analytics within Schoolbox, and the partnership with  Dave Philp and Josh Turci from Intellischool felt like a natural progression” , explains James Leckie, Chief Product Owner, and Director at Schoolbox.

“The team at Intellischool is passionate about changing the relationship educators have with data and working in collaboration is giving Schoolbox the opportunity to deliver quality analytics dashboards within Schoolbox – keeping everything in one place for schools“.

Stage one of the Schoolbox + Albitros integration will begin by combining continuous and live feedback from within Schoolbox, with external standardised testing sources. This will support schools in developing accurate insights of the whole student, allowing for continued personal and academic growth.

Accessible through their Schoolbox instance, this integrated view of student information empowers teachers to truly embrace an understanding of a student’s learner profile, delivering meaningful insights to support learning and teaching. 

In true Schoolbox style, a pilot program is already underway to ensure our schools are an active part of the development process.  We are aiming to include stage one in the next release cycle, allowing schools to sign up and implement a new analytics and insights module before the start of the 2022 school year. 

Packages, costs and more information will be available in late September. To express your interest contact your Account Manager or fill out the form to get in touch.