Schoolbox: New Global Sponsors of the IB

Picture of By Aaron Wiseman
By Aaron Wiseman
Schoolbox: New Global Sponsors of the IB

After working with International Baccalaureate schools around the world for the past 5 years, Schoolbox is proud to be officially recognised as Global Sponsors of the International Baccalaureate Organization for 2024.

A Customer-Driven Evolution

The journey began as a result of customer demand, with Schoolbox making the decision in late 2018 to further develop the Schoolbox platform to support IB schools globally. In 2019, the Schoolbox team conducted research with IB schools across Australia to understand the gaps in the platform and what development requirements were needed to better support schools using the IB framework.

“Our leadership team acknowledges the importance of a partnership with the IB to deliver optimal technology solutions to better support educators and students in our international schools network.”

During 2019, through attending specific IB global events in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, we received strong interest in the Schoolbox platform from IB schools, who expressed a need for a solution that could facilitate and support the student learning journey.

"We have worked with Schoolbox over many years customizing our version of their product to best suit our needs and the needs of our students. The open system that Schoolbox provides allows us the flexibility to tailor our array of offerings to our stakeholders in an innovative and successful manner.”

The Outcome

Based on the research gathered from IB schools, Schoolbox continued to evolve and develop the platform to better support IB schools globally. This research directly led to the creation of the Rubric Markbook, Unit Planner, and Criterion/Capability reporting and analytics frameworks within Schoolbox.

“With the flexibility offered by class pages, unit pages and courses, we’ve been able to use Schoolbox to create a structure and provide a rich learning environment that meets the needs of our units in the Middle Years Programme and Primary Years Programme, as well as the culminating projects. Through Learning Moments our students have been able to meet the requirements to be self-guided and self-reflective learners throughout their Personal Project journey. In our Middle Years Programme, we’ve been able to develop rubrics with descriptors for each strand and the capabilities to mark at both strand and criteria level, along with teacher feedback on the task.”

The curriculum mapping functionality allows educators to map lesson plans, assessment tasks, rubrics and badges to the specific criteria within the IB framework, as well as other curricula where required, meaning PYP, MYP, DP and CP leaders have visibility over exactly how and where their teachers are using the IB curriculum. 

Curriculum leaders can use the Unit Planner view to see the entire course documentation on one single page and better understand exactly how courses are aligned with the IB curriculum. IB schools can also leverage curriculum content and mapping to build evidence of learning across time through our established micro-credentialing and analytics tools.

We are looking forward to continuing to evolve the Schoolbox platform to meet the emerging needs of and further enhancing learning outcomes of IB schools across the world. 

For more information about Schoolbox or to get in touch, visit, or stop by the following locations to receive a live demonstration from our onsite team:

📍 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong from 7-9 March 2024.

📍 IB Global Conference in Daegu, South Korea from 21-23 March 2024.  

📍 IB Global Conference in Washington DC from 25-28 July 2024.

📍 IB Global Conference in Budapest, Hungary from 17-19 October 2024. 

Who is Schoolbox?

Schoolbox is the only all-in-one learning management system, community portal and engagement platform for IB schools. Schoolbox enables IB educators to empower students in taking ownership of their learning, by providing the necessary tools and resources that focus on the whole student. 

Curriculum agnostic by design, Schoolbox’s flexible and innovative approach enables IB educators to leverage multiple curricula and pedagogical practices within the one platform. IB Schools can also surface all other technology within Schoolbox, becoming the single destination for an entire school community by bringing everything into one place. 

Because learners thrive in a connected community.