Improved Cyber Security and New Privacy Policy

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By Sean Richards
Improved Cyber Security and New Privacy Policy

Information security and data privacy continue to increase their importance across society and particularly within schools, who have a responsibility to the minors for whom they care. There is more awareness than ever before of the need to protect our information and ensure it is only used for the legitimate and reasonable purposes to which we agreed. 

The recent 2022 Human Rights Watch report found that governments of the world’s most populous countries didn’t adequately protect children’s privacy when endorsing online learning products during COVID-19 lockdowns. As concerning as this report is, it highlights how easily student and end user personal information can be mis-used.

Whilst the responsibility must be shared, as a leading ed-tech company, at Schoolbox we understand, accept and embrace our responsibility and duty to act with care when entrusted with your data. 

Schoolbox continues to ensure that data privacy and security is top of mind across all aspects of our business – including services, culture, training, product, infrastructure and policy.

To that end, we have created a new privacy policy in line with the changes we now face in today’s data-aware society, improving our transparency in how we approach and manage your information – both operationally and via our products and services.

You can view our new privacy policy now, which comes into effect immediately. 

Alongside this improved policy, we’ve seen this as an opportunity to lead by example and have created some other supporting material to help our customers and end users better understand where your Schoolbox instance is located and which subprocessors might have access to your data whilst using our services.

We’ve also worked to ensure we have Data Processing Agreements in place between all of our bundled service providers.

To support these new policies, we have made minor amendments to some of the existing terms. Any changes to our terms come into effect immediately for all new customers after this is published, and for all existing customers upon your subsequent licence renewal. Any new policies are in effect immediately. 

The work on our privacy policy and information security has required we review and amend some of our operations too, raising the bar in line with evolving customer expectations.

We are always here to discuss the processes and systems we have in place, and – working with our community – to secure your information and that of our students.

Read on to see the other updates we’ve made to our terms.

General Terms

  • Expanded the definition of Confidential Information.
  • Adjusted clause 35 (e) which failed to include reference to clause 35
  • Adjusted clause 37.3 to include reference to our amended Privacy Policy
  • Added clause 37.4 to include reference to a Data Processing Addendum.
  • Updated references to data to refer to Your Data in line with improved definitions.
  • Clause 38.2, amended incorrect clause reference
  • Added definition for DPA.
  • Removed unused definition for Demonstration Subscription.
  • Merged policies clauses from Schoolbox Subscription Terms and Online Teacher Training Course Subscription Terms into clause 36. This centralises references to policies.
  • Migrated clause 37 titled “Security” from Schoolbox Subscription Terms and Online Teacher Training Course Subscription Terms into General Terms.
  • Added definition for “Administrator”
  • Amended Clause 40.3 to reference Your Data instead of personal information.
  • Improved definition of “Confidential Information”.
  • Added definition for “Personal Information” to align with Privacy Policy.
  • Improved definition of “Your Data”

Schoolbox Subscription Terms

  • Removed Policies clause as it was merged into General Terms.
  • Removed much of the Data Use clause as it was either duplicating or merged into the General Terms.

Online Teacher Training Course Subscription Terms

  • Removed Policies clause as it was merged into General Terms.
  • Removed Security clause  as it was merged into General Terms.