2022: Schoolbox Roadmap

Picture of By James Leckie
By James Leckie
2022: Schoolbox Roadmap

Schoolbox is working harder than ever to deliver a roadmap with key features and updates, enabling us to respond quickly to the evolving landscape around us. 

Delivering features like priority news, chat and video conferencing integrations, Microsoft Teams meeting scheduler, Safe Exam Browser and inline video/screen capture to support our customers during these challenging times, is something we are incredibly proud of.   

And, by sharing the Schoolbox roadmap with you, we aim to highlight the direction we plan on heading over the course of this year.

Curriculum Planning

Analytics, reporting and understanding curriculum delivery have become increasingly important. Therefore, to improve the coordination and delivery of curriculum, we are working to improve our planning systems. 

There are 3 parts to this:

  • Increasing the availability of curriculum standards for all regions and systems.
  • Improving the ability to align assessments and achievements against the curriculum.
  • Reporting on student attainment against the curriculum and how the curriculum is being delivered.

This will be a large, multi-year project, but we hope to continuously improve the capabilities, allowing you to further capture how you are delivering the particular curriculum that is relevant to your school. Our ultimate goal is to ensure there is a clear link between the curriculum and the achievements of a student, and we can identify where on the continuum a student currently stands.

Junior School

The Junior School initiative is now entering its 3rd year, but there is still much to be achieved. This year we are focusing on making the system easier for younger students to interact with. This will include a new QR code based authentication to avoid password challenges. Teachers will be able to print out a sheet of QR codes for students to enable them to log in without needing to remember a password. We will continue to improve the badge system with enhancements, like badge dependencies and improved reporting.

Classroom Administration

Making it easier for teachers in the classroom has always been a part of our objectives. We listen intently to the needs of our teachers, and this year we have identified the following areas for improvement:

  • Viewing pastoral records for the class.
  • Downloading Kami and Turnitin reports for all students.
  • Oversight of assessment last viewed times, for both students and parents.
  • Overriding the overdue state for student submissions.

Summative Reporting

While Schoolbox has led the way in continuous reporting, there is still a large amount of traditional reporting that needs to be completed. Therefore, to reduce teacher workload and double handling, we will be making it easier to produce PDF summative reports for your end of semester or end of year reports. There will be a variety of solutions available in order to support a range of reporting requirements. For instance, there will be the ability to download a batch or single report directly from Schoolbox, composed of the results already available.


We delivered more integrations than ever last year, and we plan to continue to support and expand those integrations this year. We have planned work with the following partners:

  • Clipboard
  • Intellischool
  • Digistorm
  • Microsoft

We will also be focusing on expanding our SIS integrations to ensure we can help customers migrate to the cloud, and continue to access the latest school management platforms.

  • Compass
  • iSAMS
  • Wonde

We wrapped up 2021 with a really great release and many new schools joining. As always, we are excited about what is around the corner in education technology, and look forward to helping you achieve your school goals in 2022.