Taaleem set to adopt Schoolbox in the Premium Education Sector across the United Arab Emirates

Picture of By Monica Gracie
By Monica Gracie
Taaleem set to adopt Schoolbox in the Premium Education Sector across the United Arab Emirates

After the completion of a rigorous selection process, Schoolbox SaaS will become the preferred learning management system solution for Taaleem schools.

Deputy Director of Education and Director of IB Schools, Glen Radojkovich has continued to enhance Taaleem’s culture of innovation.

Glen explains, “In selecting Schoolbox we wanted a solution to enrich Taaleem’s parent community, empowering educators to connect parents with a leading academic program in our schools. As an innovator in education, we wanted to ensure our technology partners were also leading the way, driving innovative and practical solutions for schools across the globe.”

“The Schoolbox Community Portal is a powerful technology solution that will allow Taaleem to continue to deliver innovation in education.”

Glen Radojkovic, Deputy Director of Education and Director of IB Schools

Taaleem is the UAE’s second-largest education provider for Early Years, Primary and Secondary Schools. Taaleem schools offer a variety of international curricula, including The National Curriculum for England, the American Curriculum, and the International Baccalaureate.

General Manager of Schoolbox, Grant van der Kruk said, “We are thrilled that Taaleem has chosen to join the Schoolbox global community, both our organisations have very similar philosophies on the use and design of technology to enhance teaching and learning outcomes. This is a fantastic partnership with Taaleem adopting our technology to connect the community and continue in their journey to deliver world class teaching and learning facilitation.”

Vaughan Pope, Head of Educational Technology at Taaleem, has already
commenced project planning, with Taaleem’s five IB Curriculum schools to
introduce Schoolbox in the academic year 2022-23, with American and British schools added to the roll-out in year two.

“Completing a staged introduction is important to ensure platform adoption and success. We are working closely with our school teams and the dedicated Professional Services team at Schoolbox to ensure successful implementation.”

Vaughan Pope, Head of Educational Technology at Taaleem

Schoolbox founding director and Chief Product Officer James Leckie will be
speaking at GESS Dubai in November, alongside Glen Radojkovich, Deputy Director of Education and Director of IB Schools at Taaleem. The Schoolbox team will also be exhibiting throughout the conference, so attendees can head to the Global Learning conference room to hear from James and Glen and come and see the Schoolbox technology in person at stand L20.

About Taaleem

Taaleem equips students with the skills, knowledge, and character they need to compete globally. We do this by offering international curricula and designing, building, and managing the best educational provision in the UAE. We continuously evaluate and improve our schools to ensure they remain valuable cornerstones of their communities.

Our holistic, values-driven, approach enables us to meet the individual learning needs of our students and provide the framework within which all partners in education can support young people on the road to further learning.

Our aim is to create an empowering learning environment to help each student stretch the boundaries of his or her potential. For more information visit taaleem.ae.

About Schoolbox

Schoolbox is a K-12 learning management system and school community portal, a single destination for students, teachers, and parents to engage in student learning.

We believe technology can enhance knowledge and provide equality of learning. Our fundamental approach to product development centres on understanding the whole student, including pastoral care and student’s learning progression. Schoolbox allows educators to track and map a child’s learning journey across time capturing evidence of learning progressively.

Based in Australia, the Schoolbox team is passionate about delivering the best experience for not only our school leadership, learning and administration teams, but also their student and parent community. This ethos allows us to forge real partnerships with our customers, and we proudly maintain a 99% customer retention rate. For more information visit schoolbox.com.au.