Timely and Targeted Virtual Forum

Picture of By Matt Sambell
By Matt Sambell
Timely and Targeted Virtual Forum

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s the challenges schools face to provide timely and targeted communications to their parent community. And with COVID-19, this challenge has been taken to a whole new level.

Schoolbox got together with Digistorm and The Eventful Learning Co. to provide a virtual forum on connecting with parents. We invited several leading voices to start the conversation and orchestrated a workshop to chat about all things communication.

Our leading voices:

  • Dr Rob Loe, Group CEO, Relationships Foundation (RF) 
  • Gail McHardy, Executive Officer, Parents Victoria 
  • Courtney Coe, Head of Boarding, Calrossy Anglican School
  • Amber Chase, Director of ICT, Calrossy Anglican School

The recording is available here for you.

Jump to certain segments:

  • 07:34: Why are parents a critical part of the school community? (Gail McHardy & Rob Loe)
  • 43:32: The parents we have; what do they want and how do we reach them? (Amber Chase & Courtney Coe)
  • 1:11:42: The Tools to Support you; Schoolbox & Digistorm (Peter Cottle & Rob Rhode)
  • 1:14:16: What is Digistorm (Rob Rhode)
  • 1:21:37: Touring Schoolbox (Peter Cottle)

You can also download a copy of the virtual collaboration that took place amongst the attendees on the Miro board.