Session 2: Innovative Leadership in Education 3-Part Series

Picture of By Tatiana Feldman
By Tatiana Feldman
Session 2: Innovative Leadership in Education 3-Part Series

Connection: Engagement of parents, students and staff

IES, Eventful Learning Co. and Schoolbox teamed up to deliver an Innovative Leadership in Education 3-Part Series. The recording for session 2 has been made available for you here.

You can also download a copy of the virtual collaboration that took place amongst the attendees on the Miro board.

The 3-Part Series is made up of interactive sessions that encourage leaders to think beyond the classroom in creating certainty in an uncertain world. Watch on-demand to hear and learn from leading voices in education and business.

Leading Voices:

Jabiz Raisdana

Jabiz Raizdana

With over 16 years of teaching in international schools, greatly experienced in maintaining connections for learners and their environment.

Daniel Silman

Daniel Silman

Global Business Consultant, with vast expertise in aligning best business practices in the education environment.

Check out the recording for the following sessions here:

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