Upcoming v14.5 Features and Roadmap

Picture of By Sean Richards
By Sean Richards
Upcoming v14.5 Features and Roadmap

As part of the 2014 Schoolbox Meetup (#sbmeetup). James Leckie, Co-founder and product manager of Schoolbox presented some of the upcoming features and the roadmap for Schoolbox version 14.5.

Everyone was extremely excited to learn about the new upcoming features in v14.5 which included:

  • Drag and drop – As much as you can handle!
  • Student view toggle on homepages for teachers
  • Touch friendly signature survey field (permission slips and more)
  • Improved audio file processing (support for any format) improved playback and audio feedback when grading student work
  • Google Apps and Drive integration
  • New Tile component – Helping you build great looking content
  • New dashboard components – Tiles, video, Twitter, image sliders, image gallery
  • New file selector and updated resource browser
  • New bulk user modify tool
  • Calendar improvements – Added list view (printable) plus live timetable overlay
  • LTI support and much more

It looks to be a very impressive major release and our community have learned to expect no less. If you are excited by any of these features, feel free to comment below or head over to our Help Centre to discuss with the rest of the Schoolbox community.

We’ll keep our heads down working diligently to bring this to you as soon as possible. For anyone wanting to read more, please read our public roadmap.