#sbmeetup 2014 summary

Picture of By Sean Richards
By Sean Richards
#sbmeetup 2014 summary

View of Sydney Harbour from Shore School – By Sean Richards – 19th September 2014

Last Friday 19th September marked the date for the 2014 annual Schoolbox user meetup held at Shore School in Sydney. It was an incredible day and the feedback we have received to date was very positive and indicated that people took away a lot of value from the day. Thank you so much to everyone who attended!

Missed out? – Meetup Videos on the way

For those that missed out, we successfully captured the entire day on video and will be working as quickly as possible to make the videos available for you to catch up.

There was also a very active Twitter feed which you can read via  https://twitter.com/hashtag/sbmeetup?src=hash.

v13.5 – Less known features

James Leckie, Co-founder and product manager of Schoolbox started off by presenting some of the less known features that we delivered in version 13.5. These included:

  • Storage usage reports
  • Self managed iFrame embed code support
  • New terminology “System groups -> Roles, Online assessments -> Quiz”

v14 – Major features

Then we moved into the major features that were released in May 2014 as part of v14. These included:

  • Notifications
  • Collab docs
  • Resource booking system
  • Inline grader
  • Updates to the submissions area

New Help Centre and User Community

Matthew Sambell also launched our Help Centre. This new user community driven centre enables you and your teachers to ask questions, provide answers, share ideas and suggest features with other users and our team. If you haven’t already visited this, go check it out now!

Upcoming v14.5 Features and Roadmap

Of course, everyone was extremely excited to learn about the new upcoming features in v14.5. These are all detailed in this article.

We are so excited about this next release and from the applause we received at the meetup when showcasing the upcoming features, we’re pretty sure you are going to be too.

We’ll keep our heads down working diligently to bring this to you as soon as possible. For anyone wanting to read more, please read our public roadmap.