Schoolbox v14 Gold Release Announcement

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By James Leckie
Schoolbox v14 Gold Release Announcement

We are very proud to announce that the final release of version 14 has now completed its testing period and is ready for general release to live servers.

Your system will not be automatically updated and you must notify us for this update to occur. Please contact support when you are ready to go live with this update and schedule a time with our support team. Note that major updates do incur some service disruption, approximately 15 minutes in most cases while we update the system.

If you have yet to review version 14, we will be putting the final release on to your test servers over the next week so you can check out the latest version when you are ready.

During the month of this beta we addressed a staggering 226 issues. A big thank you to everyone that participated in reporting issues during this period. You helped make this release as stable as possible. This has certainly been our most successful beta and we have addressed many long standing issues.

We also squeezed in a few improvements during the beta period including:

  • Auto-saving of students online submissions while editing
  • Ability to push assessments from your course to your class pages (popular request)
  • Improved output of the Due Work homepage component (now shows most urgent at the top)
  • Allowed students to view all quiz attempts and their corresponding grades
  • Ability to remove the criteria summary from the grades report
  • Added the ability to enter early / late times into the Synergetic attendance system
  • Added web based login to network drives if required

We hope you enjoy the new features and updates in version 14. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can do anything to assist you.

From the team here at Alaress, thank you again for your continued support of Schoolbox.

Read the v14 release notes

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