Schoolbox – Version 14 Webinar Walk-through

Picture of By Sean Richards
By Sean Richards
Schoolbox – Version 14 Webinar Walk-through

The recording of the Schoolbox version 14 walk-through webinar is now available:

The webinar filled up fast so we apologise if anyone missed out on attending. It was also our very first webinar so we apologise if the quality wasn’t quite 5 stars. There is room for improvement and we will be testing some other video capture techniques before the next webinar.

We would encourage you to share this recording with anyone you feel would benefit.

If you have any further support related questions regarding version 14 and how to use the new features, please send them to [email protected] so that we can assist.

Keep in mind that this is a test release and we encourage you to test this new version on your dev servers thoroughly and to submit your feedback and issues to us.

Your feedback will help guarantee the system is stable and ready for a gold release in the next few weeks.