Updates to Schoolbox Policy and Terms of Business

Picture of By Tatiana Feldman
By Tatiana Feldman
Updates to Schoolbox Policy and Terms of Business

We’ve made some amendments to our terms of business and policies, effective 23 February 2021. 

These changes help us continue to ensure our terms are clear, fair, transparent and up-to-date with our business practices.

To help you understand the type of changes, we’ve included a summary below.  

General Terms

  • Added a definition for ‘Plan Schedule’ as this now relates to Usage Limits for specified products. 
  • Fixed an incorrect reference in clause 38.7.
  • Improved the definition of “Business Hours”.
  • Added definitions for “We”, “Us” and “Our”.
  • Added definitions for “Websites”.
  • Added definitions for “Production Instance” and “Non-Production Instances”.
  • Improved the definition of “Rates Schedule” to include our public website pricing page.

Schoolbox Subscription Terms

  • Addition of Clause 16 to define Usage Limits and how these related to a Service Agreement.
  • Addition of Clause 18 to support our new On-Premise Addon services.

Support Policy

  • Our support policy has had a fairly significant amount of work, mostly to align with our growth in cloud-hosted services. This means there are a number of major edits. We would recommend customers review this document. The policy now covers service availability in a more consistent manner, with specifics around hosted services. 
  • Improved consistency of how we refer to releases (major and minor) and their relationship to downtime.
  • Added clause to explain the difference between production and non-production instances. 
  • Added new Support Response and Service Availability Commitment clauses to explain our commitment and how we will handle our failure to meet this agreement.
  • Added a new clause to explain Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance.
  • Added a new clause to explain our On-Premise Add-Ons Services Hosted Backup (ADHB) and Service Availability Commitment. 
  • Re-wrote the Penalties clause to align it with the new Service Availability Commitments.
  • Added a clause on how credit requests are handled in the case of a penalty claim.
  • Added a clause to explain the Support Response and Service Availability Commitment Exclusions.