Minor Amendments to our Terms of Business

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By Matt Sambell
Minor Amendments to our Terms of Business

We’ve made some minor amendments to our terms of business, which you need to be aware of as a Schoolbox customer. These changes are in effect from the 20th August 2020.

The amendments have been made based on customer feedback, helping us continue to ensure our terms are clear, fair, transparent and up-to-date with our business practices.

Don’t worry—nothing has changed with our services as a consequence of these term updates. Read on to see what updates we’ve made.

Updates to our General Terms:

  • Clause 10 (a) amended to balance the rights of both parties to assign or novate the Service Agreement.
  • Clause 10 (b) amended to more specifically address our rights to assign a Service Agreement when we sell or restructure any part of our business or shares
  • Added a definition for Affiliate and End User
  • Added Clauses 29.4, 29.5 and 29.6 to better explain our liability in relation to Service Agreements where Australian Consumer Law does not apply to both parties.
  • Clause 38.9 added to clarify our rights surrounding any suggestions submitted to us.

Schoolbox Subscription Terms

  • Clause 12 (e) added to explain our rights to terminate a Demonstration Subscription
  • Clause 15 added to explain rights surrounding a “Demonstration Subscription”
  • Clause 13 (f) amended to be more specific that we will take all reasonable steps to provide  Your Data to you in the event of Termination.
  • Added 14 (h) to more specifically cover our anonymous collection of statistical information from our services.
  • Clause 14 (f) capitalised “Your Data” to be in line with the definition.

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with these changes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Schoolbox team