Schoolbox LMS and School Portal—Popular Solutions for K–12 Schools

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By Matt Sambell
Schoolbox LMS and School Portal—Popular Solutions for K–12 Schools

Schoolbox wouldn’t be the robust LMS and portal solution schools have come to love ? if it weren’t for an infinite feedback loop of schools sharing their clever ideas, to fuel our product roadmap.

We pride ourselves on our ‘schools first’ approach towards research and design—an approach Schoolbox has valued since its beginnings when James Leckie (Schoolbox Co-Founding Director and Product Owner) forged Schoolbox Learning Management System and School Community Portal in his early years working in schools.

We get such joy in working with our customers! Their enthusiasm and appetite for improving Schoolbox enhances the many ways in which they operate—resulting in highly rewarding partnerships with our customers.

Huge value can be gained from engaging the community of users who rely on your product, hence why we leverage our help centre community forums, social media, user meetups, and client meetings for gathering key insights into evolving technology for education.

Over the last six Schoolbox major release versions we’ve delivered 63 customer forum ideas! That’s an average of 10 customer forum ideas per Schoolbox major release.

A chart showing how many community forum ideas Schoolbox delivered per major release

Schoolbox has delivered an average of 10 new feature and feature improvement forum ideas, suggested by the Schoolbox community of users, over the last six Schoolbox major release version (10 community forum ideas per major release!).

Some big-ticket items our customers have suggested that we’ve recently delivered are:

  • Personalised Learning
  • Student Self-assessment
  • Student Self-reflection
  • Rubric Markbook
  • Course Markbook
  • Pastoral Care and Student Wellbeing efficiencies
  • Streamlined school, class, and group news and increased community engagement through News Discussions
  • Student ePortfolio communication enhancements
  • Enhancements in pastoral and academic communication with families

Although Schoolbox’s evolution is guided by other sources like market analysis, product performance, and data security, it’s feedback from schools that smooths out the majority of bumps schools face in their core strategies of communication, community engagement, and continuous reporting.

Keep your eyes peeled in our forums and on social media for our calls to action for feedback on our product research endeavors. Our 2019 product roadmap—What’s in Store for Schoolbox in 2019?—can be attributed to the many ways in which we engage with our customers.

So, if you’re a Schoolbox Portal and Learning Management System user with access to the Schoolbox Help Centre community forum, don’t be shy!—be sure to tell us your thoughts, hopes, and dreams for an online platform that makes school easier for everyone! Participate in sharing, discussing, and voting on new features and improvements.