Recognising Schoolbox Schools

Picture of By Matt Sambell
By Matt Sambell
Recognising Schoolbox Schools

It’s no secret that preparing ‘future generations’ to navigate the wild, wild world ahead doesn’t come easy. And hence why we leave it to the pros—the fearless teachers, the experienced principals, the curriculum gurus, the IT masters, the extra-curricular leaders/mums/dads, the parent-teachers, the counsellors, the pedagogy creatives, the many heads of department, the mentors, the library governors, the tuck-shop crew—a legion of passionate experts, legends of education—who take on the task of sculpting, expanding, and nurturing the malleable minds of our youth.

It goes without saying that 10 weeks of annual leave isn’t enough (?); yes—dare I say—much praise for all your diligence in conquering the unscheduled lunch duties, the out-of-hours sport practices, the late night marking and planning marches, the photocopying of worksheets, the chasing of late submissions (phew ?)—the list knows no end. So, there comes a time where unparalleled hard work and achievement must not be forgotten!

This week, we saw schools dress up to paint the town red at The Australian Education Awards 2019…

The Australian Education Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of the country’s top performing schools, principals, department heads and teachers.

Congratulations to you incredible schools; your people; your community, for the myriad of awards and nominations, recognising your achievements at such a prestigious event.

In addition, this week, the EduTECH Asia Awards 2019 announced their nominations for innovative educators across Asia who are leading the charge in pedagogical technology and classroom innovation.

At Schoolbox, we’re super chuffed to be part of this experience and see many Schoolbox schools represented and nominated at both these establishments. We love working with our schools and are thrilled to see their hard work being recognised. We hope that all that online learning, centralised communication, and system integration—facilitated by Schoolbox—has enhanced your school and given you the time required to focus and evolve the way you teach and nurture our young learners.

Congratulations! ??