Schoolbox and Sentral to deliver a more seamless experience for educators

Picture of By Monica Gracie
By Monica Gracie
Schoolbox and Sentral to deliver a more seamless experience for educators

After the adoption of their essential connector in Australian schools, Schoolbox and Sentral are set to collaborate on a deeper integration, focused on improving the teacher experience.

“Working with our strategic SIS partner Sentral to optimise the learning and teaching experience is important for Schoolbox,” says James Leckie.

“Schoolbox is the hub where educators can engage the entire school community in learning, and both Schoolbox and Sentral want to ensure this experience is seamless for educators.”

Sentral is a powerful school management platform trusted by over 2,500 Australian schools to seamlessly manage school administration, student data and more in an integrated and easy to use platform.

The next phase of the integration planned for 2023 will look at how Attendance, Markbook and Wellbeing data is entered and shared between the two platforms. 

“This partnership continues our goal of making it easier for teachers to perform administrative tasks with the least amount of friction. By integrating these tasks directly into the Schoolbox teaching and learning experience, we can reduce teachers workloads whilst still enabling the extensive attendance management and business processes to occur within Sentral.” said Antony Mawer, Co-founder and Head of Strategy at Sentral.

“This pragmatic approach to working with partners to deliver a streamlined experience is core to our mission of making life easier for schools.”

The roadmap will expand the integration to bring Markbook data and assessment results from Schoolbox back into Sentral, allowing schools to include this data in their summative reporting within Sentral and allowing educators to use the richer consolidated assessment data.

Both organisations offer cloud-based software solutions taking the hassles of infrastructure away from Schools, allowing Schools to focus on what is important.” explains James Leckie. “The challenge is balancing the teaching and learning needs with the operational and compliance needs of a school, creating the best ecosystem to deliver on a Schools strategic plan.”

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