2023: Schoolbox Roadmap

Picture of By James Leckie
By James Leckie
2023: Schoolbox Roadmap

As education continues to evolve so too must Schoolbox, which is why evolving our product in line with the changing education landscape is central to our product philosophy.  

So as we move into a new school year we want to share our 2023 Roadmap, which continues to reflect our commitment to understanding the needs of our school community, and supporting educators in the classroom.

In the last year students submitted over 5.3 million items of work, while teachers provided more than 9.1million pieces of feedback, all within Schoolbox. We also saw over 184,000 new learning moments captured with over 45,000 badges awarded to students, as usage of Schoolbox within Junior schools continues to grow. 

We understand that schools strive to discover the ways in which students learn best, and how teachers can be supported to deliver an exceptional learning experience. To support schools achieve this, the focus of our 2023 roadmap will be enhancing and developing the Schoolbox platform, with features designed to save teachers time, enhance teaching + learning practices, and improve student wellbeing.

New tools to support curriculum coverage + lesson planning

Last year we focused on increasing access to curriculum standards within the Schoolbox platform – creating the capacity to attach and map curriculum codes to lessons, courses, goals and assessments. 

Moving forward, we will continue to work on delivering additional curriculum tools, to support teachers and school leaders to gain more of an in-depth understanding of curriculum delivery. These updates will look at:

  • Reporting on curriculum coverage, to provide a visualisation of what is being taught and at what stage of the year this is being delivered
  • For the existing curriculum packages within Schoolbox, we will update and maintain the curriculum standards to ensure the most up to date curriculum is accessible
  • Lesson planning tools to support teachers to plan for and deliver the curriculum effectively, including a range of lesson planning templates for schools to choose from. 

Quiz Rebuild for great assessment opportunities

We are starting the process of re-imagining the Schoolbox native quiz system, which has remained largely unchanged for years.

The new quiz system will feature a question bank, allowing teachers to quickly and easily construct quizzes whilst leveraging the new curriculum mapping tools in Schoolbox.  New STEM-focused question types and support for Junior students will be added. Reports will be provided for greater understanding of student progress and attainment.

Continued development of Junior School features

Keeping parents informed of student progress continues to be a key focus within the Junior School. In 2023, we will be looking at ways to enhance the visibility of student achievement information shared by teachers – including the integration of assessment feedback into the activity feed, the use of activity feed filters, and the delivery of all activities to the parent’s dashboard. 

Capturing learning continues to be an area where our youngest students still struggle. Over the coming year we will further simplify the process of capturing evidence for goals, submitting learning moments and completing online activities. This will include a new simplified editor, teacher control over submission options and multiple file uploads to learning moments.  

Pastoral care and student wellbeing

Last year schools focused heavily on pastoral care and student wellbeing. In 2023 we will continue to support teachers by developing ways to organise and manage workflows to assist in better managing the wellbeing of students. These new features will include disciplinary actions, NCCD adjustments and parent engagement, with compliance workflows supported by follow-up actions and increased visibility of what has occurred and what has been completed for your class, group, cohort or school.  

As 2023 begins, we are excited to see what will emerge in education technology and we are very much looking forward to supporting our community to achieve their school goals.