Robust and Reliable: Schoolbox amidst COVID-19

Picture of By Sean Richards
By Sean Richards
Robust and Reliable: Schoolbox amidst COVID-19

With the measures taken by Governments all over the world to combat COVID-19, our schools have been battling unprecedented challenges to ensure the learning of our young learners is not disrupted. 

The good news? The transition to a 100% remote learning environment is possible.

Once school closure became imminent, Schoolbox received many requests for distance learning assistance. But the platform itself was already prepared for a situation like this. 

Schoolbox is now seeing numbers like never before, simultaneously utilising the platform. And while some other platforms have been suffering overload and long outage periods, Schoolbox remains a robust and reliable platform in this rapid transition to a wholly online learning environment. 

Schoolbox interface on different screen sizes - demonstrate that Schoolbox is a reliable and robust system

Of course, this period has not been without its challenges—the level of demand for support has doubled and some of our schools have required immediate performance enhancement assistance.


Our staff have been working tirelessly to provide the best Schoolbox guidance to our schools to ensure they are able to make full use of all the features the platform offers to enhance learning for their students, in a remote setting. 

  • Teacher Toolkit: An overview of features in Schoolbox that can be leveraged to support the implementation and delivery of remote learning.
  • Performance Guide: Guidance to ensure you get the desired performance out of your Schoolbox instance when it becomes the central part of maintaining your school day.
  • Zoom LTI Integration Guide: Step-by-step guide to integrate Zoom meetings directly into your Schoolbox class pages.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, we will be here to support our schools and ensure they have all that they need to create a remote learning environment in this challenging period. 

Stay safe and look after you and your community—we will be here alongside you!