Relive Schoolbox Meetup 2016

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By bojana.lazarevska
Relive Schoolbox Meetup 2016

Meetup 2016 was a year of firsts.

We are thrilled to have had so many of our schools represented at this year’s Meetup event which was hosted by Genazzano FCJ College and for the first time was over two days.

It would be an understatement to say that our guest speaker, Tim Cope was inspirational and delivered a great message about the valued learnt from discovery and a unique learning journey. A young man of extraordinary courage, Tim certainly supported our Meetup 2016 theme and his message of success and happiness through resilience, taking responsible risks, embracing cultural and individual differences, and developing relationships based on understanding and respect resonated with all attendees.

The dedicated team at Schoolbox delivered a diverse set of sessions that touched on many important aspects of our customers’ journey and facilitated an interactive workshop to gain valuable insights to guide our future product direction. These sessions enabled important industry specific conversations while continuing the tradition of sharing our company update, future direction and details of the upcoming major release v16.5.

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Next year…

The Meetup 2017 is already on the agenda, and we are now searching for our next location and a suitable venue that will facilitate a refined format. We took note of the collective voice and will be working to offer more in-depth expert sessions and more opportunities to learn from each other.

For now, we hope that the videos of our Schools Open Showcases continue to give you a taste of best practice for Schoolbox, and we encourage you to keep the conversations going in the Help Centre User Group forums.

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The Schoolbox Team.