Creating enriched learning environments for students and easier workflows for teachers

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By Ellen Richards
Creating enriched learning environments for students and easier workflows for teachers

Schoolbox the revolutionary technology to transform K-12 schools has commenced working in partnership with the LearningField content service to develop a seamless integration between the two platforms.


15th September, 2016

Leveraging the popular Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) integration protocol, this integration means any Australian Secondary School using Schoolbox, learning management system (LMS) software, will easily ‘plug-and-play’ to LearningField. Students and teachers will be able to access quality educational materials from more than 12,000 chapters of e-texts for core and elective subjects for Years 7-12 for a single flat annual fee per student directly within Schoolbox.

Further support through LearningField’s recent teaming up with VitalSource as its new technology partner will enable single-sign-on (SSO) which means that users don’t need to remember another password, which is great news for teachers and students. With the integration between Schoolbox and LearningField, teachers and students will only need to remember one password to read textbook content via LearningField across all the different readers. Schoolbox provides various SSO options for their users like Active Directory or SAML which can now be leveraged into our Bookshelf Online, Desktop and Mobile apps.

Sean Richards, Founder and Director of Alaress, that provides Schoolbox commented,  “We are constantly innovating Schoolbox and making it easier for teachers to achieve better learning outcomes with their students and personalise the learning journey. Leveraging LTI tools is an important aspect in the emerging change to individualised learning, which focuses on the interconnectedness of learners and the resources that support learning in the modern Internet-mobile world.  These types of integrations encourage educators and learners to easily access the learning tools and resources they prefer, quickly and directly within Schoolbox. The partnership with LearningField enhances our existing partnerships with leading software and service providers that strengthen the solutions available to our customers across strategy, integration, implementation and new application development.”

Director of LearningField, Ben Heuston concurred saying, “One of the major benefits of this integration is that teachers will be able for the first time use textbooks resources right inside the LMS, making accessing relevant content even easier. The integration will create a single access point for a broad range of engaging content. Together, LearningField and Schoolbox will be helping to create a focused learning environment for Australian students, where traditional textbook content from leading educational publishers can be selected, read and assigned by teachers to classes in a single place. We’re excited by this move from Schoolbox and look forward to them becoming one of our LMS partners during 2017,” he said.

About Schoolbox

Schoolbox provides the technology to transform K-12 Schools and is a virtual learning environment (VLE) comprising a unique all-in-one learning management system (LMS), portal and intranet. Schoolbox is self or cloud hosted, integrated, flexible and secure and created by the company Alaress Pty Ltd.

283,000+ users and 380+ campuses across APC and the Middle East share, teach and learn online with Schoolbox.  Teachers can simplify their day, engage their students and facilitate better learning outcomes. Students can access everything they need on any device, anywhere to interact, collaborate and feel supported through their learning journey.

Parents can connect with their child’s learning journey across academic, co-curriculum, pastoral care, continuous reporting and so much more. Administrators can centralise and integrate all systems, providing seamless access to everything in one place for the whole school community.

Schoolbox – the virtual learning environment where everything is in one place for K-12 to simplify communication, collaboration and learning.

To learn more about Schoolbox, see our Features Page or contact our sales team or call us now on 1300 932 338 (+61 3 9882 6909)

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Ellen Richards, Sales & Marketing Director

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About LearningField

LearningField provides an unrivalled choice of e-textbooks for Australian schools. Our unique subscription offer gives teachers and students unlimited access to more than 12,000 chapters from world-leading educational publishers through a single platform.

Through LearningField, teachers and students can easily access a broad range of e-textbooks that linked to the curriculum and covers core and elective subjects from Years 7-12.

LearningField supports BYOD schools by working seamlessly on any device across multiple platforms. Teachers can assign texts for students, make and share notes with classes on-the-fly and cater to mixed-ability classrooms by selecting appropriate texts for varying levels.

To find out more about LearningField, see our new Features and Pricing page or arrange to speak with your state’s Relationship Manager.

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Jenelle Dellar, Marketing and Communications Executive,

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