Pastoral Care and Student Wellbeing with Schoolbox

Picture of By Matt Sambell
By Matt Sambell
Pastoral Care and Student Wellbeing with Schoolbox
  • Stop relying on the student diary and connect staff, students, and parents in a user-friendly interface.
  • Quickly and easily record student wellbeing in the Schoolbox Pastoral Care module.
  • Urge teachers to take more ownership through an online recording platform.
Historically, the student diary was the only means through which staff, students, and parents could communicate, and where parents could learn about their child’s progress. This makes it difficult for schools and parents to get a real sense of how a student is progressing and the state of their wellbeing. This is why Salesian College decided to implement Schoolbox’s Pastoral Care module, bringing all student records online and making them easily-accessible for teachers, which ensures they take more ownership. The students are also able to submit a report outlining an incident – whether it be bullying or feeling unsafe – making sure that the situation is addressed. Watch the video to find out how Salesian College implemented Pastoral Care in their school and improved student wellbeing.