Continuous Feedback using Schoolbox

Picture of By Matt Sambell
By Matt Sambell
Continuous Feedback using Schoolbox
  • Learn what the advantage of continuous feedback are.
  • Find out how Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar delivers high-quality continuous feedback using Schoolbox.
  • See what the school did before Schoolbox, what was required of teachers, and how they used feedback and rubrics to support student learning.
Continuous feedback helps students continually improve and reflect on their learning during the school year. There are many advantages to schools adopting continuous feedback over summative reporting, but it can often seem daunting if you don’t know where to start. In this insightful presentation, Ross Phillips from Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar talks about how the school delivers continuous feedback using Schoolbox. He also takes you through what Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar did before Schoolbox, what is required of teachers, and how they use feedback and rubrics to support learning.