How does Schoolbox Support Customers?

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By Kay Nageswaran
How does Schoolbox Support Customers?

As the education landscape continues to evolve, so do the needs of our customers. At Schoolbox, we are committed to ensuring our customers are supported during their Schoolbox journey, from onboarding through to best practice usage. 

Over the years, our support for customers has continued to grow to ensure an experience that delivers success for learning and teaching at K–12 schools

We recognise having the right type of support for different team members is important. The moment you join Schoolbox, you will gain access to our complete support network, so you can choose the best support option each time. These include:

Together, these four support systems are here to ensure a smooth experience for your transition to Schoolbox and beyond. 

Explore the breadth of services provided by each below.

Designated Account Manager

Once you join the Schoolbox family, you will be designated an Account Manager. They will be your key point of contact in assisting to create an engaging learning and communication experience

Our Account Managers can help your school with:

  • Change management: working with you and your leadership team to implement the optimal collaboration and reporting structures between different stakeholders. 
  • School community engagement: creating engaging conversations with all of your users, through a “timely and targeted” communication framework.
  • Professional development: achieving deeper Schoolbox engagement with your staff through implementing and measuring a more personalised and hands-on professional development program. 
  • Learning strategy alignment: exploring how Schoolbox can extend and align your school’s learning vision through “digital technology innovation” workshops and strategy sessions. 

Legendary Support Team

Full of remarkable problem solvers, our Support Team is known for their customer service excellence. Accessible by your school’s support team, issues can be logged via our ticketing service or our live team can be contacted directly by phone. Rest assured, your matter will be in capable hands. Troubleshooting is second nature to our Support Team and with them, you will be back in action in no time.

Our Support Team provides:

  • 24/7 critical support as well as a live team available 5 days a week.
  • Troubleshooting including bug investigations and solutions to get you back online. 
  • Upgrade assistance so that you can get the most out of your instance with the latest version of Schoolbox.
  • Technical support to answer any questions, whether it be setting up your SSO (Single Sign On) or tailoring your dashboard to suit your requirements.

Schoolbox Help

Available to you 24/7, Schoolbox Help is where you can access How to Guides and be introduced to our amazing online community. You can network with other teachers, get to know Schoolbox users and voice your thoughts on future Schoolbox initiatives.

With Schoolbox Help, you can connect through:

  • Community Q&A: ask and share information with other users and explore best practice Schoolbox usage.
  • Feature Requests: suggest features and vote on ideas that you would like to see in your Schoolbox instance.
  • User Groups: connect with local Schoolbox schools and attend Schoolbox events in your area.
  • Online Teacher Training Course (if Licenced): complete our Online Teacher Training Course and become a Schoolbox HERO.

Professional Services Team

Made up of education, project and elearning technology specialists, the Professional Services Team is here to guide you through your use of Schoolbox. 

Our online learning experts provide additional consulting services, training and guidance on educational best practices, technology adoption and change management. Whether you’re new to the Schoolbox family or a seasoned Schoolbox veteran, you can choose from a number of different sessions or ask our team for a tailored package.

Examples of sessions provided by our Professional Services Team include:

  • Customised consultation services where you can discuss innovation in the classroom, best education experiences and learning management tools.
  • Health check to provide an understanding of the capabilities of your existing Schoolbox instance to then evolve to stay in step with your school’s goals and vision.
  • Pastoral care workshops to support your school leverage Schoolbox as a holistic solution for student wellbeing management.

If you’re about to join the Schoolbox family, we can’t wait to have you and if you already are a part of the family, we are ever so grateful for your continued feedback and engagement.

We thrive on the success of our schools and we are here to support you—every step of the way. 

 Need a bit of support from Schoolbox? Contact us today!