What are the Benefits of the Schoolbox Cloud Solution?

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By James Leckie
What are the Benefits of the Schoolbox Cloud Solution?

The Learning Management System (LMS) and Community Portal from Schoolbox offers two solutions for hosting, on-premise and cloud. 

Hosting on-premise is a solution schools are all too familiar with but what about the cloud?

The key difference between on-premise and cloud is the location of the data. With on-premise hosting, the data is located within the school’s infrastructure. However, moving to the cloud means the data is hosted by a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider. In this instance, Schoolbox.

Hosting on-premise

On-premise hosting is an attractive solution for K–12 schools as it provides complete control over the school’s data. This means schools are able to manage all required updates as well as any changes to their online environment directly. But this also means that the school will need to be responsible for the cost of the infrastructure.

Moving to the cloud

With remote learning on the rise and students accessing more and more resources online from home, the benefits of on-premise hosting are quickly fading.

By moving to the cloud, your online learning environment is made available by a robust and reliable connection. This enables teaching and learning to take place for high volumes of teachers and students simultaneously without interruptions.

Taking your school into the cloud increases uptime, improves scalability and provides access to redundancy. But one of the biggest hesitations that schools have with going cloud is the potential risk related to data sovereignty as the control of data shifts to the SaaS provider. Schoolbox takes this responsibility seriously and ensures all data is protected to the highest standards and kept within your region.


The cloud solution from Schoolbox

The Schoolbox cloud solution enables access to remarkable levels of reliability and scalability, and in turn, opens up opportunities for more levels of multimedia content to feature in teaching and learning for K–12 schools. But that’s not all, check out the multitude of benefits of the Schoolbox cloud solution below!

Scale according to demand

The beauty of the Schoolbox cloud solution is the unlimited supply of computing power, which means your system can scale according to demand. 

Think about that early morning rush where everyone needs to log in at the same time. By moving to the cloud, you can reduce the overall time it takes students to commence learning online. The cloud’s capability to adjust availability according to demand enables your school to access lower latencies and higher throughput to maximise the learning time of your students without service outages.

Reduced infrastructure costs

By moving to the cloud, your school no longer needs to maintain its own infrastructure, thereby avoiding costly capital expenditure and ongoing warranty issues. Instead, Schoolbox will manage that for you. The result? Reduced infrastructure costs, reduced in house IT responsibilities and faster adoption of new technologies.

Built-in redundancy

The cloud solution from Schoolbox is not dependent on a single server or piece of hardware. Operation is never impacted by the failure of any physical equipment. The cloud platform for Schoolbox runs in the data centre from Amazon Web Services (AWS), which ensures multiple redundant connections to the internet. All data is backed up daily and will be kept for 30 days. So, in the event of a disaster, we are able to roll back to a working state in a very short window.

Secure and safe

Your sensitive data is stored in the highly secured AWS data centres. Your data is stored and protected with the durable AWS S3

We currently utilise the Sydney AWS region for Australian/NZ customers to ensure data sovereignty is protected.  This will ensure your data remains under the protection of the Australian Privacy Principles.

The Schoolbox virtual private cloud network is strictly controlled to prevent both physical and virtual access to servers. Data stored in the cloud is heavily encrypted both at rest and in transit, to ensure no one can access the data except authorised systems. We utilise TLS 1.2+ for all HTTP traffic, while our databases are encrypted using AES-256.

24/7 monitoring

With Schoolbox at the helm, you no longer need to worry about maintenance costs and you can also be rest assured that we’ll be on the lookout at all times for all things related to your online learning environment. That’s right, Schoolbox provides 24/7 monitoring of infrastructure including performance, uptime and security. 

Want to know more?

Moving to the cloud provides many benefits that an on-premise hosting service simply cannot offer. 

The cloud solution from Schoolbox offers an exciting proposition to deliver EdTech that increases scalability and enhances reliability.

We understand that data security is a concern for many schools when moving to the cloud. However in today’s EdTech world, this risk can be managed. Schoolbox has done the hard work and our cloud solution is one that will greatly reduce your infrastructure costs without compromising the security of your school’s data.

Want to put your mind at ease? If you’re already a Schoolbox customer, book in a consulting session with one of our professional services team members. 


Not a Schoolbox customer? Chat to one of our Schoolbox experts today. The benefits of going to the cloud are not worth missing.  

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