How to Connect your School Community for the Ultimate Whole Student Experience

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By Kay Nageswaran
How to Connect your School Community for the Ultimate Whole Student Experience

The Schoolbox Premier Partner Program was established to ensure we continue to meet the ever changing needs of your school community. Working together with Digistorm and Clipboard, two of our carefully selected partners, we are here to provide the ultimate connected community to enable a whole student experience for learners of today.

So, what does that involve? And how does our partnership with these two EdTech providers deliver a holistic learning experience? 

Our partnership with Digistorm and Clipboard brings together three elements that are key to building a strong school community and deliver a whole student experience. 

1. Whole student approach

For students to realise their full potential and become lifelong learners, education must go beyond the purely academic. In fact, there needs to be consideration of a range of other factors including emotional development, personal growth and aspirations of each and every student. 

One of the challenges facing teachers with EdTech is being able to see and manage the whole student in one place.

Clipboard, an Extracurricular Management System (EMS), enables activities that do not feature in the learning and teaching curriculum to be amalgamated into the Schoolbox platform. 

Digistorm, a custom branded mobile app for K-12 schools, enables all notifications and updates related to the life of a student to be provided to the entire school community in a timely manner.

Together, this three-prong collaboration brings the whole student to the forefront.

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The life of a student is full of activity. With Digistorm and Clipboard, Schoolbox is able to showcase the whole student in one place to the entire school community, whether it be teaching and learning materials, pastoral care, extracurricular activities or important notifications. 

2. Centralised communication

Unlike students a few decades ago, our young learners are savvy technology users with information available at their fingertips. The smartphone has become a staple in the life of a student, as well as their busy families.

Like Schoolbox, Digistorm and Clipboard continue to strive to create a seamless experience for the entire school community. With Single Sign-On (SSO), a simple click from the Schoolbox dashboard gives you access to all the extracurricular activities of your student via Clipboard. From there, any update or changes in any activity can be sent to the relevant members of your school community via the Digistorm App.

Now more than ever, centralising communication in all aspects of the life of a student is highly critical to create the ultimate whole student experience.

3. Reduced administration

Double handling of information is a common challenge for K–12 schools. Schoolbox enables all information related to a student’s schooling to be handled in one place and with the power of single sign on, the challenge of remembering multiple passwords is eliminated.

Bring in extracurricular activities with the Clipboard integration and teachers and staff no longer need to worry about collating pieces of paper, spreadsheets or online forms relating to this vital part of the student experience. 

By adding the Digistorm App integration, you’ll be able to effectively communicate with your school community though targeted notifications, with minimal administration by  your staff. 

Whether it’s a sports fixture or music lesson created in Clipboard, or News within Schoolbox, this information is all kept in sync across your school portal and app. 

Together, the powerful integrations streamline administration for your school and thereby enable teachers to focus on what they do best—teaching their students.  

Want to connect your community for the ultimate whole student experience? Contact us today!

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Clipboard helps schools run world-class extracurricular programs and is an EMS (Extracurricular Management System) which improves the experience for students, parents, and staff by providing a single platform to manage all activities. Visit our Clipboard Premier Partner page to learn more.

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Digistorm develops custom apps, websites, and admissions management systems for K-12 schools in Australia and around the world. With a mission to create industry leading products that help you solve complex problems, Digistorm brings tech full circle for schools just like yours. Visit our Digistorm Premier Partner page to learn more