Benefits of the Schoolbox + GeoSnapShot Partnership

Picture of By Kay Nageswaran
By Kay Nageswaran
Benefits of the Schoolbox + GeoSnapShot Partnership

Schools are busy places. One of the easiest and most effective ways to share what is going on is through the media you capture. However, finding the right tool to work alongside (or even better, integrate within) your existing platforms is tough. Adding to the challenge is finding a tool that provides a peace of mind on security. 

Schoolbox is here to help with this challenge and that’s why we’re excited to introduce the integration of our new Premier Partner, GeoSnapShot. Take a look at the benefits of the Schoolbox + GeoSnapShot partnership for your school.

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Simple Media Management

Media permissions go hand in hand with taking photos of students. Navigating whose photos can be shared across multiple platforms including portals, school displays, newsletters, and other parent comms can be cumbersome and time consuming. That’s even before you consider the time it takes to organise the thousands of photos schools capture each week. 

GeoSnapShot simplifies this experience by allowing each user to quickly share media within an existing instance of Schoolbox. With a set up time of less than five minutes, you can upload all the photos of an event to be shared with parents and students in Schoolbox. 

Staff and students are assured that image sharing happens on a platform that requires school managed accounts and logins. More than this though, they are empowered to capture learning in action and instantly share it. Plus, it does all the organising for you, all you have to do is take the picture and hit upload! 

Take for example a school sports carnival. Authorised school photographers capture the students competing or socialising throughout the day. By then uploading them via GeoSnapShot onto the Schoolbox portal, parents and families are given instant access.

screenshot showing geosnapshot within Schoolbox

Enhancing the Parent Experience

The integration of GeoSnapShot into the Schoolbox platform provides parents with a window into school life. In fact, an effective tool to empower parents to be informed and have meaningful conversations with their children. 

GeoSnapShot also uses facial recognition technology to enable all photos associated with a child to be easily identified. So, if a parent is looking for all photos that contain their child, all they need to do is click on View Photos on their child’s profile, and let the facial recognition technology of GeoSnapShot do the work. 

This is indeed the ‘magic button’ for parents to instantly view all photos of their child.

showing the parent experience when using geosnapshot in Schoolbox

Unlocking fundraising opportunities

One aspect that goes hand in hand with regular sharing of school media is the inevitable question ‘can I get a copy of that photo?’. 

By integrating GeoSnapShot into Schoolbox, family members are able to purchase high quality photos, making them instantly available for download. 

Your school can take this a step further and unlock fundraising opportunities.

Using the shopping cart feature in GeoSnapShot, you can allocate a price for each photo download. This flexibility provides schools with freedom to choose a local photographer, which may indeed be lighter on the wallet. And, ensures the majority of funds raised go back to the school.

Schools further have the flexibility to choose the price they wish to allocate, including the option to charge for certain photos and not charge for others. With this level of customisability, there are infinite ways you can support school activities and run community fundraising events.

example showing fundraising opportunities

Schoolbox and GeoSnapShot understand the importance of the role of media in celebrating each individual school. Together, we provide an integrated and simple solution so you can maximise your media management.

Would you like to learn more about the Schoolbox + GeoSnapShot partnership and the benefits it can provide your school? Contact us today!

Leah Coghlan is the Head of Marketing at Schoolbox. With over 20 years of experience in consumer and business marketing, Leah works closely with our carefully selected partners to ensure customer success remains at the forefront.