Webinar: Register for the Schoolbox v19.0 Release Walkthrough

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By Matt Sambell
Webinar: Register for the Schoolbox v19.0 Release Walkthrough

Hey Schoolbox Community!

Great news – v19.0 is now available for testing!

This update includes some fabulous new features, and we know that you will love them as much as we do. Make sure you are on top of the upcoming features of v19.0 by reading the Release notes and registering for the Release Candidate Webinar, which will give you all the details you need!

Release Candidate Walkthrough Webinar

Please join our walkthrough of v19.0, hosted by Product Director, James Leckie, on June 4th at 3PM to find out more about the upcoming release.


Some of the big highlights of this release include…

Comments on News articles

We know that Schoolbox News is the hub of communications at your school, so imagine the excitement we feel about this feature! News moderators and authors of articles will now be able to enable comments on each news item, giving your users the option to engage in each article!

Rubric Markbook

This feature will be sure to get your data hearts beating! The new Rubric Markbook gives teachers the ability to filter to specific capabilities and indicators, ensuring that they can quickly review the progress of a student in a specific area of learning or they can use this data to form an overall grade when it comes to end of semester reporting.

Other changes and features

Some other features that we think you will be thrilled to see:

  • Homepage news is back to the previous default of showing the whole article! (But don’t panic if you love compact mode now – you can still choose to enable it).
  • There will be an indicator on your markbook if you have personalised an assessment for individual students.
  • Staff can now see students on a Parent Profile page.
  • User portraits are now attached directly to users.
  • iSAMS Batch API for UPS!

To receive the v19.0 Release Candidate

You will automatically receive pre-release updates of Schoolbox v19.0 on your dev server during the beta period.

At the end of the beta period, we will announce our final Gold release with instructions on how to upgrade.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

The Schoolbox team