Schoolbox v19 is GOLD!

Picture of By Matt Sambell
By Matt Sambell
Schoolbox v19 is GOLD!

Ahoy there Schoolbox Community ?

Schoolbox v19.0 is now GOLD!

This release is really something to be excited about. Some of the big highlights include:

News Comments

News items can now be a discussion, with the ability to toggle comments on for individual articles. Imagine the increased engagement possible for your users! And very important news for those of you who didn’t love ‘Compact mode’ on Homepage news – these articles will now default to show the whole article again. But if you did love compact mode, feel free to toggle it on!

Rubric Markbook

You can now view student achievement against rubrics you have used in your class in a Rubric Markbook. Use the filters to show achievements for a single capability or indicator across multiple assessments.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care notifications will now display the severity of the record and the type, giving you a quick snapshot of what the record holds. Also, after creating a pastoral record, the author will now receive a notification if a comment is added to the record, ensuring you are up to date.

Other features you’ll be thrilled to see

  • Homepage news is back to the previous default of showing the whole article! (But don’t panic if you love compact mode now – you can still choose to enable it).
  • There will be an indicator on your markbook if you have personalised an assessment for individual students.
  • Staff can now see students on a Parent Profile page.
  • User portraits are now attached directly to users.
  • iSAMS Batch API for UPS!

For further details on what to expect in v19, check out the Release Notes on Schoolbox Help.

Please test v19 on your development server, and if everything is working as expected, book your upgrade.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Schoolbox Team