The Schoolbox Primary Schools Showcase

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By bojana.lazarevska
The Schoolbox Primary Schools Showcase

Here at Schoolbox, we recognise that junior schools and secondary schools have different requirements. This is why we hosted a Primary Schools Workshop to help us understand more about the unique requirements of primary schools that are using our software.

The workshop was truly eye-opening, with many attendees speaking up about the pros and cons of using Schoolbox for their junior school levels. The Schoolbox team certainly walked away with plenty of ideas and inspiration about what we can add into our future roadmap.

A brief event rundown:

The event was hosted by Melbourne Girls Grammar (MGGS) and kicked off with a short introduction and welcome, followed by three showcases by Dean Pearman of Peninsula Grammar, Thomson Wood of St Louis de Montfort, and lastly by Karen McClintock and Bojana Obradovic of MGGS.

The presentations ranged from discussing workflows and user journey maps, to student engagement, accessibility and LMS designs. The room was then split up into three breakout sessions, focussing on ePortfolios in Upper Primary, ePortfolios in ELC and Lower Primary, and LMS in Upper Primary.

What we took away from the event:

Schools really value flexibility in their learning management system and being able to tailor it specifically for primary schools. Having adaptability and ease of use is really important, as well as a product that keeps up with the changing needs of teachers and students.

It’s also important to be able to create engaging content for students and parents, but for junior levels, there needs to be more support for interactive components and improved accessibility for junior students – something that the Schoolbox team are committed to improving.

Where to next?

Our product team will be looking over the suggestions from this week’s workshop to see what can be worked into our future roadmap, so expect Schoolbox LMS to get even better for primary schools! For updates on how this progresses, make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Until next time,
The Schoolbox team