Engage and Inspire – The Schoolbox 2019 Meetup!

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By bojana.lazarevska
Engage and Inspire – The Schoolbox 2019 Meetup!

Are you ready for our biggest and best Meetup yet?

At Schoolbox, we believe in preparing students for the digital future and looking after their wellbeing. Our next Meetup, Engage and Inspire, will focus on how you can engage your students, parents and staff, and inspire them to grow their minds.

We also believe that our product should be user-friendly. This is why we’ve designed the Meetup to foster conversation around what features you want to see next, and encourage you to grab fresh Schoolbox inspiration from other schools.

The Details at a Glance

When: Thursday, 28 February — Friday, 1 March 2019
Where: Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Brunton Ave, Richmond, VIC 3002

Guest Speakers

We love hearing what some amazing and inspirational leaders have to say about the future of education. This time around, we’re treating our attendees to 2 amazing guest speakers:

Adam Voigt | Education expert from Channel 10’s, The Project
Peter Hutton | Director and past Principal at Templestowe College


This is a Schoolbox invite-only event (sorry!). If you’re one of our schools, you should have received an email detailing the registration process.

If you want to attend but haven’t been invited and want to make an enquiry, please contact our events team.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Meetup,
The Schoolbox team