Schoolbox 2014 Meetup Videos

Picture of By Sean Richards
By Sean Richards
Schoolbox 2014 Meetup Videos
For those that missed out on attending the 2014 Schoolbox Meetup, we are pleased to release video of the major presentations captured of the day for you to watch. This years Meetup was a huge success with close to 100 attendees from across Australia and New Zealand. The event offered tremendous value for all attendees who were able to:
  • Discover less known features from v13.5 and v14
  • Discover some of the exciting new features coming to Schoolbox v14.5
  • Meet and share ideas and best practice with other schools and users
  • Learn awesome ways other schools are using Schoolbox and
  • Participate in future-development workshops

Dr Wright’s (Principal at Shore School) Official Opening

Dr Wright, Principal of Shore School in Sydney, provides an opening address to the 2014 Schoolbox Meetup.

Meetup Opening Message

Sean Richards presents the opening message to the 2014 Schoolbox Meetup. Includes background information on the company, directors and the growth of the Schoolbox community.

Version 13.5 and 14 Recap

James Leckie presents a recap of the less known features in version 13.5 and the major updates that were released in version 14 of Schoolbox.

New Help Centre and Community

Matthew Sambell launches the new Schoolbox Help Centre and online community.

Version 14.5 Preview

James Leckie delivers a presentation on some of the exciting new features coming in Schoolbox version 14.5.

Future roadmap

James Leckie presents the future direction for Schoolbox and highlights some very exciting and innovative improvements that are already under way.