Important Updates to our Legal Terms!

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By bojana.lazarevska
Important Updates to our Legal Terms!

We’ve made some basic changes to our legal terms, which you should know about if you’re a Schoolbox customer.

Since first publishing these terms in December 2016, we’ve received some useful feedback from our customers on how to improve them. We’ve used this feedback to make the terms clearer and easier to read, and patched up a couple of areas that were unclear, in relation to your Schoolbox subscription.

Don’t worry—nothing has changed with our services as a consequence of these term updates. Read on to see what updates we’ve made to our Subscription Terms, General Terms, and Privacy Policy.

Updates to our Subscription Terms:

  • Where referenced, we added hyperlinks to the online Schoolbox Support Policy.
  • Clause 5.1(b): We further clarified that while the licence is bound to the customer, this does not prevent your end users from using the services.
  • Clause 6: We amended the clause heading to make it clearer that the clause relates to an upgrade to a subscription “plan”, not to the service.
  • Clause 10(f): We’ve clarified that our authorisation to access a customer’s servers applies when they have licenced our on-premise service, and that access is limited to the servers which host the instance of Schoolbox only.
  • Clause 12(b)(iii): This was amended to reference the new definition of “default” in our General Terms.
  • Clause 14(d)(iii): We limited the scope by which we can legally disclose your data to be “the extent necessary to perform our obligations under a Service Agreement”.

Updates to our General Terms:

  • Where referenced, we added hyperlinks to the online Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Clause 14(c): We improved clarity around the meaning of termination at the end of a minimum term.
  • Clause 22(e): We added language to further limit a customer’s obligations to follow our reasonable directions, respective to the Service Agreement.
  • Clause 22(k): We clarified the limit that we are referring to any claim by any person related to the customer.
  • Clause 35(b): This clause was reinstated to clarify where the responsibility of bank fees on payments to us falls.
  • Clause 35(c): This clause was added to clarify that pre-approved, out-of-pocket expenses incurred in providing services to the customer, will be the customer’s responsibility.
  • We added a definition for Confidential Information.
  • The definition of “default” was further clarified.
  • Clause 37.1: We removed language that imposed unreasonable conditions on the customer to comply with any policy we introduced.

Updates to our Privacy Policy:

  • Clause 9: We cleaned up the language in our website definition.
  • Clause 5 (account and profile information): We improved the language and clarity of which account and profile information this refers to. We also noted that this includes automated provisioning services.
  • Clause 5 (other submissions): The capture of data was broadened from just websites to Alaress services, e.g. Schoolbox.
  • Clause 6 (analytics information from website and hosted products): We added a new listing for the service Sentry, utilised by Alaress services.
  • Clause 9 (access by your system administrator): We added a reference to include Superusers of the service.

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with these changes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Speak soon,
The Schoolbox team