We’re taking the plunge – ICTEV 2013

Picture of By Ellen Richards
By Ellen Richards
We’re taking the plunge – ICTEV 2013

We’re taking the plunge and are delighted that we have been chosen to present at the 33rd Annual ICT in Education Victoria Conference: It Takes A Village.

The event is being held at Melbourne Grammar School a valued client of Alaress who use our learning management system Schoolbox.  Given that the conference is designed to:

  • Capture the essence of good teaching and learning
  • Acknowledging that ICT is pivotal to future thinking and directions, and that
  • People are the key

we’re looking forward to playing an important role on what already is shaping up to be a fantastic event.

Alaress Directors, James Leckie and Sean Richards will be presenting ‘Engaging Digital Natives – Their Devices, Their Web, Their Way’

We’re of the opinion that education technology is at its best when it facilitates communication, engagement, interaction, learning and understanding.

Balancing technology needs with academic goals place demands on teachers that can often be at odds with each other.

Our focus for the presentation will be on today’s youth who are living in a digital world surrounded by devices, technology, online communities and are socially engaged though the web.

The emergence of these digital natives is forcing traditional teaching methods/technology to move so rapidly, educators can be confused by how best to leverage digital learning to deliver an engaging learning experience through technology.

James and Sean can’t wait to introduce how digital natives learn, how BYOD can work and how to style teaching and use technology in the classroom to fit with the mobile, social and an online world that students live in.

Aside from the presentation at the ICTEV Conference, we will be featuring the latest 12.5 version of Schoolbox for the K-12 online learning environment including our mobile version. If you are attending we will be presenting on Saturday 25th May 2012 at Melbourne Grammar School, Wadhurst Campus – 1 Domain Road, Melbourne – Room 5 Upstairs or visit us on the exhibitor floor.