Digistorm release fully integrated mobile app for Schoolbox

Picture of By Ellen Richards
By Ellen Richards
Digistorm release fully integrated mobile app for Schoolbox

Revolutionise communication with your school community.  Introducing Digistorm’s first fully integrated native mobile app for Schoolbox.

In an exciting new partnership, Digistorm Education and Schoolbox have worked together to bridge the gap in the market, and deliver a new standard of school mobile application. We’re proud to announce the first fully customisable mobile application for users of the Schoolbox platform.

This first-to-market version of Digistorm’s popular School App, School App for Schoolbox, brings together what has traditionally been two disconnected school systems.

The app is designed to be an extension of the school’s online identity, and can be branded to be in-line with the school’s online identity; providing a seamless user experience between the app and the online learning environment.

Offering true ‘plug and play functionality’, SchoolApp will drive real-time communication to parents, students, and teachers. Personalised information drawn directly from the Schoolbox platform seamlessly pushes targeted and time-sensitive information through a native app to users on their phones.

Users can log in with their existing information and instantly see all of their updates. For teachers, the new app enables them to connect with their class and engage with their colleagues, students, and parents. Parents can rely on real-time updates, alerts, activity feeds, and links to important online resources. Students can log in and instantly see all of their updates including messages, timetables, due work, and much more.

The new app system provides triggered and targeted push notifications by leveraging the user’s notification preferences in v15 of Schoolbox. The app also delivers smarter communication, including calendars, news, videos integrated with YouTube and Vimeo accounts, and access to learning and reporting data to parents, teachers, and students, no matter where they are.

With a comprehensive development roadmap in place, the School App for Schoolbox is expected to be one of the most advanced School Apps in Australia.

Schoolbox and Digistorm are undeniably at the forefront of innovation and leadership in the education software sector and are constantly being re-engineered to keep pace with the evolving technology landscape.

The news that Schoolbox are releasing the first and only VLE to extend the platform with a fully integrated mobile app should come as no surprise.

Alaress have partnered with and supported Digistorm Education because they have proven to be a leader in K-12 school mobile apps. This partnership has enabled Schoolbox to leverage their vast experience and cutting edge mobile technology to provide their customers with a native app that is simply the best on the market.

View the Digistorm Education, School App website.