Changes to Our Terms of Business – Effective 13/12/2016

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By Sean Richards
Changes to Our Terms of Business – Effective 13/12/2016

When we produced our original terms of business, our company was very different and Schoolbox was, well, not even called Schoolbox.

Over the last eight years, our original terms served us very well, helping us engage and conduct business with all of our current customers. However, when Schoolbox pivoted to solely focus on Schoolbox,  our existing agreements started to become less relevant to the products and services that we now provide to our customers.

Therefore, we have worked hard to produce new terms of business to support our agreements with our customers moving forwards. Our goal was to ensure the new agreements were clear and easy to understand for anyone who does business with us, thus simplifying the legal component of engaging with us.

Below is a list of items that provide a summary of the changes made to our terms of business.

In summary, how we operate our business and how you have experienced working with us, has not changed at all. We have simply brought all terms in line with our current business practices so that it’s much more clear for everyone.

  • All new terms are now available publicly online.
  • Our original Master Services Agreement and Licence Agreements have been restructured to create a more relevant contract structure. This new structure is designed to support our current financial billing systems.
  • Most if not all of the clauses from our old Master Services Agreement are now split into our new General Terms and Professional Services Terms.
    • The new General Terms are much more relevant to our current business model, supporting only Schoolbox and related professional services.
    • The Professional Services Terms are almost exactly as they were in the old Master Services Agreement. No change to our business operations.
  • Our old End User Licence Agreement and our old Licence Agreement have been migrated into our new Schoolbox Subscription Terms.
    • The new Schoolbox Subscription Terms now cover a range of business practices that were previously not covered in any of our old terms, including:
      • Now address specific terms relating to our On-Premise and cloud Hosted services that was previously not represented.
      • Whilst we have always had an automatic renewal every 12 months, it was not well represented in our agreements, this is now much clearer.
      • Added terms to support Upgrades and Downgrades to licences.
      • More clarification around the operations of how we providing Schoolbox as a service and how our maintenance and support services relate to the licence.
      • Detail added to clarify data ownership. Of course, you own your data, period.
      • We’ve clarified how we will address your data in the event of termination so that this clarifies how we will provide you access to this, if ever required.
      • Given today’s software continues to come under scrutiny regarding security, we’ve added detail regarding security concerns. We are working to also producing a new separate Security Policy that we hope to make available shortly.
  • We’ve created a new Acceptable Use Policy to help identify our expectations of your end users in how they use our products.
  • We’ve created a new Online Teacher Training Course Subscription Terms to align with this relatively new product and service.
  • Whilst we already had a privacy policy that has been in effect since mid-2014, this was brought up to date. We have always been fully compliant with the relevant Privacy laws that exist in Australia.

We hope that all of this hard work ensures that your experience with us is further streamlined and help us all work in partnership with more clarity over our respective responsibilities.

These new agreements and terms are effective from 13th December 2016.

The full agreements can be accessed anytime via our legal web page.

If you have any questions relating this these changes. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support.