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A single platform to connect, communicate, and collaborate with parents, teachers, students, and your broader school community.  

Schoolbox is a platform to support the development of the whole student; their academic growth, extracurricular involvement and wellbeing. 

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Understanding an LMS

Where we’re faced with a generation of learners with readily available information, easy access and a connected lifestyle, the learning experience needs to equip these students with skills to transform knowledge into wisdom. Having a learning management system (LMS) in schools is the first step to giving teachers the tools they need to optimise their teaching strategies and enhance the learning experience of K–12 students in the 21st century.

The Schoolbox LMS is designed with the modern learner in mind.

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Engaging Parents and Students

The digital age has given our learners the ability to access information readily and instantaneously. So, imagine the learning experience when vital elements like communication and collaboration are extended beyond the classroom.

Schoolbox recognises these advantages for today’s K–12 learners and on top of the Learning Management System, we also provide teachers with a School Portal solution to keep their students connected even after the bell has rung.

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Pastoral Care

Student wellbeing remains the key element in the development of successful students, and the most effective way for this to happen, is to ensure that it is embedded in school culture, because as we know—learners thrive in a connected community.


Continuous Feedback

Reap the benefits of assessment technology for learning with continuous feedback and reporting in Schoolbox.  The Schoolbox Learning Management System houses powerful assessment tools to assist educators identify learning targets and enhance student performance.

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