Melbourne Girls Grammar School – Success Story

Picture of By Sean Richards
By Sean Richards
Melbourne Girls Grammar School – Success Story

We invited our long-standing customer, Melbourne Girls Grammar School (MGGS), to share their Schoolbox journey with the world.

It was a great experience, and two of our founding Directors, Sean Richards and Matthew Sambell, visited the school to interview a number of its key staff. We learned so much during the process, specifically about how their school initially and continuously drives adoption of Schoolbox and education technology inside and outside of the classroom.

Enjoy this wonderful case study, which captures the essence of how Schoolbox has transformed MGGS:

MGGS’s Principal, Catherine Misson said,
“Schoolbox is the place where our girls can go any time to pick up and run with education resources, to have conversations that further their learning and understanding, a place to connect”.
She further stated that,
“We couldn’t be the school we are today, or the school we imagine ourselves to be in the next five years without the capacity that Schoolbox gives us”.
Mary-Louise O’Brien, Director of eLearning, said,
“We introduced Schoolbox six years ago…and not only did that support the students in the classroom but it really lifted the engagement with the staff”.
One of the strategies that MGGS employed was to create a personality that their girls could relate with, to represent the school’s learning management system and community portal. You can read more about the chosen name, reasoning, and roll out strategy in this article: Meet eVI: the cutting-edge ‘DNA’ of a top school. Quoting The Educator’s article, O’Brien said that,
“MGGS continues to be approached by other schools’ principals and deputy principals who are interested in launching a similar project at their schools”